Supporters back trust’s bid to take Pompey forward

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Pompey chill out in bid to recover

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SUPPORTERS have welcomed the news that a bid will be made by the Pompey Supporters’ Trust for a community buyout of the club.

As reported in The News, the trust announced plans to meet administrator Trevor Birch this week with a view to making a bid for the club.

The trust believes that it can better the offer made by Balram Chainrai’s Portpin which offers creditors just 2p in the pound as part of the Company Voluntary Agreeement (CVA).

Now Pompey fans have said that the community buyout would be a good move for the club.

Fan Mark Mudie said: ‘It’s absolutely superb that the trust can form a bid that’s credible and sustainable.

‘That’s a major plus. The majority of the fans would prefer the club to be in the hands of the fans.

‘It’s a case of if the bid stands up.

‘I worry about how far it can take the club.

‘The trust is my preferred option.

‘But if it’s Mr Chainrai, then it’s Mr Chainrai.

‘I would like Mr Chainrai to involve the trust and to run the club alongside as a partnership.

‘We need some positivity. We need the fans to be united.’

Meanwhile, Colin Farmery, editor of website True Blue Army, added: ‘It’s got to be good news that the trust feels it can make a good offer.

‘With that in mind hopefully they can do a better offer and take control of the club.

‘Getting the trust involved in ownership of Portsmouth Football Club is very important for the club’s future.

‘So I am very encouraged that the trust has a bid in place.

‘Supporters’ involvement and ownership of the club is clearly the way forward. We need to make a clean break with the past.’

Bill Gillon, of Pompey Online, said: ‘It’s welcome. It’s good to have alternatives so that the best deal for the creditors can happen.

‘I hope the trust’s bid is the one that they go for.

‘But for that to happen it needs to be one that is attractive to the creditors and sustainable in going forward. They do seem hopeful.

‘Hopefully they think they have got a good chance.

‘It’s just what the club needs. Another period with Chainrai just keeps the uncertainty there.’

Mr Gillon added that having fans involved in running the club would be a huge step forward.

‘It would be massively important,’ he said.

‘Over the last four years we have had lots of different people at the club treating it just to take money out of it. So even if the trust don’t have total ownership but have a good share in the club that’s hugely important.’

Mr Chainrai’s CVA has been sent out to all the club’s creditors.

They will be invited to Fratton Park on Monday, June 25, where they can vote on it.

Meanwhile, the trust is still accepting pledges to its community share scheme.

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