‘Take your stuff and get out’

The Pompey megastore
The Pompey megastore
Jamal Lowe celebrates his goal against Scunthorpe. Picture: Joe Pepler

Pompey winger was a ‘wounded animal’ after dropping out of Football League

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STAFF at two Pompey shops which closed suddenly have spoken about their shock.

They say they were handed a letter from the management at 2pm on Monday, and told to leave the shops immediately.

They were instructed to take all their belongings and leave the store keys behind – despite being told the closure is temporary.

The shops are not owned or operated by Portsmouth Football Club, but instead are operated by Scotland-registered firm Frogmore Retail Ltd, known formerly as Kappa Retail Ltd.

The Pompey Megastore is in Fratton Way, and there is a shop inside Cascades Shopping Centre.

Orders have stopped being taken on the stores’ website, run as part of the portsmouthfc.co.uk site.

One staff member, who didn’t want to be named, said: ‘Ever since Christmas there’s been a massive sale of all the stock, so although we were shocked it happened on Monday, we weren’t surprised it happened at all.’

However, the closure could spell good news.

When Kappa Retail took the shops over in 2010, a deal was brokered which saw a comparatively tiny amount of money go to the club from the sale of each piece of merchandise.

Most clubs can expect around 60 per cent of sales to be returned to them, though for Pompey the figure is around four per cent.

Pompey fan Lee Wiggins said: ‘Apart from the staff potentially losing their jobs, it can only be a good thing.’

No-one from the stores or their parent company could be reached for comment yesterday.