Tales from the tour: Williams in a spot of butter... ball-boy heroes

An alligator lurking around Charleston Battery's stadium Picture: Joe Pepler
An alligator lurking around Charleston Battery's stadium Picture: Joe Pepler
Pompey boss Kenny Jackett. Picture: Joe Pepler

Pompey v Charlton: pre-match talking points

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A staple diet of pasta, chicken and fish can get rather tiresome for athletes.

Healthy and balanced such meals may be, but occasionally Pompey’s touring party have craved something a bit different.

So the sight of ice cream on the serving table at the team’s South Carolina base was met with much glee. Except, it was actually butter.

An easy mistake to make in fairness, especially with the butter whipped up and bearing a faint yellow colour.

Thankfully, a wary Kanu realised his mistake upon the first taste sample.

However, that didn’t stop him from telling Ryan Williams: ‘This is the best ice cream I have ever tasted’.

Hence the youngest member of Pompey’s squad was soon tucking into a bowl of butter.

n There have been plenty of gallant tales of acts of remarkable bravery during the Charleston tour.

Inevitably, these centre around a trio of heroes who have ventured into the alligators’ place of dwelling behind Charleston’s Blackbaud Stadium.

Pompey’s website editor Neil Weld alleges he tip-toed into the out-of-bounds compound several times to rescue a couple of footballs.

Barry Harris waxes lyrical of how he stealthily crept into the enclosure armed with a metal pole and proceeded to drag the balls out of the inhabited water.

As for Kev the Kitman, well, he strode purposely in, dived into the gloomy depths below, wrestled an alligator and prised a £70 ball from its fearsome mouth.

Well, according to them, anyway.

How we laughed, how we disbelieved, how we cruelly mocked.

After all, there were no alligators in there.

Then, club photographer Joe Pepler saved the day by capturing the fabled beast on film in all its glory.

Seems like they really are our heroes.