‘The city can breathe a sigh of relief’ that Cala’s Pompey bid is over

'RELIEVED' Bob Beech
'RELIEVED' Bob Beech
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THE News was first to break the story on Twitter yesterday that Joseph Cala was pulling out of buying Pompey.

It was news that was greeted with relief by fans.

'INEVITABLE' Colin Farmery

'INEVITABLE' Colin Farmery

Bill Gillon, owner of the Pompey Online website, said: ‘Personally I think it’s good news. It seems to be going down well with fans.

‘People are quite pleased he is out of the frame, because he was getting in the way of getting a real deal done with other investors. They could easily have sold to Cala but whether he was the right person for the job was very doubtful. We need to get this one right. You need to give people something to invest in first before you make the club public. I think there’s a lot of relief around.’

Bob Beech, from SOS Pompey, said: ‘I think it was pretty clear that his bid was a non-starter from the start.

‘And thank goodness because I think it would have been calamitous. He had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.

‘I think the city can breathe a sigh of relief that he is out of the picture. If someone was to come and say “I’m not going to make any promises, let’s get things sorted out and talk about grand plans later”, then I think people would take them more seriously. Now we just have to see who turns up next.’

Colin Farmery, owner of the True Blue Army website, said: ‘I think it was probably inevitable that Mr Cala would either decide to end his bid or it would come to an end in some other way. When you looked at his CV you felt that there perhaps wasn’t enough substance there to buy, and more importantly to sustain, a Championship football club.

‘The most important thing now is that somebody comes along with integrity and hopefully enough resources to invest in the club.’