The heat really was on in jungle

England's former Pompey defender Glen Johnson had to cope with Manaus' heat and humidity
England's former Pompey defender Glen Johnson had to cope with Manaus' heat and humidity
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We came to Brazil with little hope of qualifying from our World Cup group.

After that loss on Saturday night to Italy there has been little to change that point of view.

But I’m not sure people back home appreciated quite how tough it was out there for our players.

The heat and humidity in Manaus is on another level.

It must have been unbelievably tough for our boys out there in the Arena Amazonia.

I was sweating buckets, and I was just sat there in the stand!

Let’s face it, Italy were expected to keep the ball better than we did, and that’s how it worked out.

They didn’t have to run as much as we did as a result, and I think that was a factor in the result.

I would have hated to be someone like Glen Johnson, who was up and down that right flank all night long.

He must have been absolutely whacked by the end of the night with the ground he covered.

I think the team really played quite well in the circumstances, but the Italians just managed the conditions that little bit better than we did.

I thought, on the balance of play, we probably deserved a draw from the game.

The players played pretty well in the first half, but I’m not so sure about the second.

It was good to be at the game, but I was surprised there wasn’t more England fans in the ground.

I think we probably get a bit spoilt with the atmosphere at Pompey games.

We were outnumbered by the Italians, and I thought it was going to be the other way around.

Still, I had my Pompey flag there and managed to get it out and wave it about.

I’ve been staying at a wonderful eco lodge in the Amazon since arriving in Brazil.

It’s about an hour away from Manaus by taxi and is absolutely beautiful.

It’s been a good base to explore the area from, and I’ve certainly enjoyed doing that.

I’ve been on plenty of walks in the jungle, visited a monkey sanctuary and swam a lot in the river.

There’s a place where two of the rivers meet and the water runs a different colour which was a good place to go to as well.

Next up is Sao Paulo for the Uruguay game.

I’ve brought about a dozen Pompey shirts with me and will be handing them out to some street children as part of a charity.

There are about 500 shirts being handed out from the UK.

One of them is the old kit which was sponsored by The News, so the newspaper is represented along with the club!

I don’t think there is much expectation that we are going to qualify from our group.

We have to beat Uruguay now really and that is not going to be easy. Having said that, they had a bad result against Costa Rica and that proved a bit of a surprise.

There has been a couple of shocks already what with 
Holland thrashing Spain on Friday night.

I don’t think anyone saw that coming, so there is some hope we can spring a surprise yet.

n Pompey Supporters’ Trust board member Pam Wilkins is one of several News readers who will be keeping us informed of their experiences in Brazil as they follow England at the World Cup.