The lowdown on Marlon Pack

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Pompey will fight until play-offs are mathematically impossible

You get some players from bigger clubs who you wonder what they are doing there but Pack is clearly capable of a higher level.

In fact, he's the best loan signing we've had for a long time and Martin Allen brought in dozens of them.

Pack was voted the fans' player of the month in November and rightly so – he was head and shoulders above his team-mates.

He is even keeping club captain Michael Pook out of the side.

When he arrived though, he struggled to make an impact in his first few games and fans were beginning to question why he had been taken for the whole season.

The turning point was when Pook got injured against Bradford – then Pack really came to the fore.

Since then, Cheltenham have lost one match and he has been absolutely outstanding in a deeper midfield role.

Everyone has been impressed with his calmness and composure – it belies someone aged 19.

Pack loves to get on the ball, he's capable of making room and spraying it all over the place.

He also doesn't mind getting involved with challenges and although he is not the most mobile, his touch and vision are way above League Two.

The role he is playing clearly suits him. Cheltenham play 4-3-1-2 at present with him the deepest of the midfield three.

It's not been all great for him, though, Cheltenham played Southampton in the FA Cup recently.

He got a bit of stick from the home fans because of his Portsmouth links.

He took it in his stride – the problem was the Robins lost 3-0.