The News is still your Pompey first choice

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For Pompey fans, The News overwhelmingly remains the first stop for news on your football team.

That is according to the Great Pompey Survey, whose results for the sixth and final part are today published.

This week we asked readers for their thoughts on our coverage of the Blues, with 461 people taking part.

And 74.9 per cent indicated The News is the online site they visit the most to learn about Pompey news.

That is ahead of message boards (8.1 per cent), the official club website (5.9 per cent) and BBC Sport (2.6 per cent).

In fact, the option of ‘other’ came in second place (8.5 per cent), ahead of more traditional sources of news.

In addition, 80 per cent of fans who took part said they obtain the majority of their Blues information online.

That is ahead of going out and buying The News (19.2 per cent), while local radio received three votes and TV just the one.

Unsurprisingly, the national newspapers as an alternative didn’t receive a single vote.

Gone are the days when they paid attention to once was perceived as football’s favourite ‘crisis club’.

Elsewhere, The News’ stance towards the club has long been a subject of debate yet, according to the results, 86.7 per cent believe the paper has it about right.

Illustrating the contrasting views on this issue, 8.1 per cent consider The News is too positive and 24 people see it as too negative.

On the question of the quantity of our Pompey coverage, 62.2 per cent indicated it was spot on.

On the flip side, 32.5 per cent do not believe three pages of Pompey coverage a day plus the Sports Mail is enough.

In addition, 5.2 per cent feel we provide too much coverage.

Supporters’ preferred way of accessing The News’ Pompey coverage concentrates on our 
website (73.1 per cent) and our tablet version (10.2 per cent).

The newspaper itself came in at third with 9.3 per cent.

In terms of fans’ preferred social media for accessing Pompey news, Twitter just shaded it ahead of Facebook.

In fact, a mere five votes separated them, with the remaining 26.4 per cent selecting ‘other’.

When asked how often those surveyed bought the paper, 43.9 per cent specified never.

Second place was the option of sometimes,with 41 per cent of the vote.

Similarly, 42 per cent of those who contributed to the survey don’t buy the Sports Mail, with 41.5 per cent getting it occasionally.

Finally, we asked our readers how they regarded the overall quality of our Pompey coverage.

A return of 50.5 per cent came back in favour of the option ‘good’. In second place was 22.7 per cent voting for very good, while satisfactory reached 22.4 per cent.

As ever, though, opinions differ and 20 people felt the quality of our coverage was poor.