The worst-kept secret which knocked us all off our feet

Former owner Balram Chainrai
Former owner Balram Chainrai
Former Pompey striker Eoin Doyle

Pompey boss considered moves for Latics strikers

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It was the worst-kept secret in the Pompey world.

Nonetheless, the impact of the Convers Sports Initiatives (CSI) takeover thunderbolt was not diminished.

Many were braced for the news, already reclined comfortably in relaxed expectation of the Blues’ latest owners being crowned.

The likelihood of a June 1 coronation date had been intensifying, the beat of the jungle drums gathering speed.

By the time Sky also joined in on Monday evening, the chorus line-up was complete.

When it happened, though, it still managed to blow us all away. At 9.01am yesterday morning, the inevitable occurred as Pompey fans were officially informed there were new owners in place.

Cue widespread relief.

The wait had been agonising, painful even, to the point where many were questioning the very presence of CSI.

A series of false dawns had left permanent scarring on the souls of Blues followers everywhere.

Such was the extraordinary level of mistrust generated by a procession of time-wasters, the doubts were multiplying by the day.

Some fans even had the reported takeover talks down as nothing more than a callous ruse by The News to sell more papers.

Yes, the conspiracy theories really did tip-toe into such realms of breathtaking fantasy.

Well doubt no longer, change really is afoot.

Balram Chainrai and Levi Kushnir have finally departed, seven months and 10 days after taking Pompey out of administration.

So who do we have in their place?

In truth, no-one is quite sure, particularly as CSI’s first act has been to decline staging a press conference for the foreseeable future.

It appears all our questions surrounding their ambitions and intentions for Pompey will not be answered for a while yet.

Nonetheless, that should not be allowed to detract from their arrival.

For what is certain is their entrance is a massive step forward. And for that we can only be positive about the newest caretakers of this famous old club.

It would be reckless to make bold predictions over what this new era may yield, particularly considering what has gone before at the club.

What we must do, though, is give CSI time.

They deserve it.