Trust share push continues at open day

PST board member and Pompey director Mick Williams shows off a cheque from The News on the last day of the season
PST board member and Pompey director Mick Williams shows off a cheque from The News on the last day of the season
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POMPEY this week officially announced their plans for their new training ground.

And, in a moment, the club showed why fans need to keep digging deep to continue the fine work of the Pompey Supporters’ Trust (PST).

It’s been a memorable first year as the Blues’ majority shareholders for the Trust.

But the call has gone out for that to continue ahead of their open day at Fratton Park tomorrow.

The PST share push is on and fans can see exactly what their money is achieving at the Victory Suite get-together.

Money from the club presidents and PST is funding the training ground and other essential work at the club.

PST board member and Pompey director, Mick Williams, feels there can be no let-up and is calling on fans to continue to dig deep in whatever way they can.

Williams said: ‘I’m sure everyone is going to be very excited when they see the training ground plans. They do look very good. There’s no question of that.

‘We’ve signed and we’ve started the work.

‘The training ground has started and will be completed.

‘That’s not a bad thing for the club to achieve in its first year.

‘Things are looking good but we can’t rest on our laurels.’

Williams lauded the strides made by both Pompey and the PST since the Blues became Britain’s biggest fan-owned club last year.

He said: ‘I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved this year.

‘I want the PST to push on and get a load of community shares to push on even further.

‘We’ve done very, very well so far and thank God we finished in mid-table.

‘The next thing will be the Tesco development and the new car park.

‘We can’t afford to let up and there are a number of ways you can bring money into the club.

‘There are things from the lottery to buying a full share.

‘There are syndicate shares and ways of saving over months and having your share issued when you reach £1,000.

‘But we now need to push on.’

The Trust open day takes place from 11am-3pm in the Victory Suite at Fratton Park tomorrow.