USA Diary - Harris fails to read signs

Tal Ben Haim received a telling off on the flight to the US.
Tal Ben Haim received a telling off on the flight to the US.
Matt Clarke celebrates his goal at MK Dons. Picture: Joe Pepler

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Barry Harris considers himself something of an expert at delving into the past.

So the self-styled football historian can surely be forgiven for being confused with today’s technology.

After checking in at Gatwick in the early hours of Sunday morning, it was off to security.

Unfortunately for assistant kitman Barry, that involved scanning the barcode of his air ticket.

Or not as it would seem.

For a full 10 minutes, he frantically stood at his gate attempting to get the state-of-the-art equipment to see sense and let him through.

Sadly Barry had forgotten to carry out the good old-fashioned method of reading a sign.

If he had he would have learnt it said ‘gate closed’.

n The Pompey travelling party found many varied ways to keep themselves amused on the nine-hour air trip.

Stephen Henderson opted to wear an eye mask and throw a large blanket over him in a makeshift shroud to enable him to sleep.

The fact he was sitting next to Steve Wilson was surely no coincidence in his desire to block out the world.

Elsewhere, Tal Ben Haim got in trouble with an air hostess for somehow raising his leg to rest on top of the seat in front.

He certainly didn’t go quietly with her demands, more like kicking and screaming.

As for rookie Ryan Williams, he impressed with his contribution to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on the iPad.

Particularly when questions involved squirrels, bears and Miley Cyrus.

Neil Allen