Wallace working on Blues balance

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From left to right: Jamal Lowe, Adam May, Christian Burgess and Matt Clarke after Pompey's loss to Blackpool. Picture: Joe Pepler

Pompey 0 Blackpool 2: they said what?

  • Midfielder ready to take risks to make Pompey tick
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Jed Wallace insists he is still working on getting the balance right in making things happen for Pompey.

The Blues midfielder has enjoyed an outstanding season so far with 14 goals to his name and landed the Sky Bet player of the month award for February.

But he still gets the odd groan in his direction with accusations that he tries to do too much on his own.

While Wallace remains unaffected by it, he revealed he is guilty of dishing out criticism when watching his mates play.

He said: ‘You do hear a few people getting agitated when I give the ball away or something doesn’t come off.

‘I know I’ve got to get the balance right.

‘But as long as the manager picks me, that’s all I really care about.

‘If I was in the crowd and the ball was given away, I’d be shouting “what are you doing?” as well.

‘I still do it myself. I went to watch my friends play and I’ll say “what’s he doing?”

‘I’ve done something 10 times worse last week and I’m giving it to him!

Jed Wallace scores against Exeter last month   Picture: Joe Pepler

Jed Wallace scores against Exeter last month Picture: Joe Pepler

‘You have to go out and try to win games. You don’t win 0-0.

‘So I will take risks and I will frustrate people along the way. Hopefully, it equals out when I score a goal.’

Wallace certainly frustrated the Fratton faithful when he ballooned his penalty over the crossbar against Exeter recently.

But even though he redeemed himself with a stoppage-time winner, he still thinks it didn’t please everyone.

I will take risks and I will frustrate people along the way. Hopefully, it equals out when I score a goal.

Jed Wallace

Wallace said: ‘There’s a picture of me celebrating against Exeter and there was someone in the crowd who didn’t look too happy about it.

‘I get tweets from people having a go that I never pass and then those same people say how well I’ve done later in the same game sometimes.

‘And against Tranmere, we were 1-0 down having just won 6-2 at Cambridge and as we were going off at half-time, I could hear someone shouting and screaming so I gave him a look.

‘Then I saw the same guy at the end of the game jumping up and down celebrating when we came back and won 3-2.

‘So I made sure I looked at him again at the end and he gave me a sort of wave to say “sorry mate”.

‘But if you get affected by it, you wouldn’t play. If you don’t believe in yourself, who is going to?’

While the 20-year-old missed the 3-2 home defeat to Accrington through suspension, he is determined to right that wrong tomorrow.

He said: ‘I was sitting in the stand, kicking every ball.

‘We went 2-0 down early on but when we got it back to 2-2, I thought there was only going to be one winner. But then they did us on a counter-attack.

‘We probably owe them one. They came to our place and turned us over and we will be looking to return the favour.

‘We have turned our season around since then and we are unrecognisable from that game, I think.

‘From what we were three months ago to what we are now, is unbelievable.

‘I think we have turned the corner, as horrible as that sounds.

‘It’s been said a lot at this place – you win one game and everyone says it.

‘But over eight games, you can say we look a better side.’