We’ll buy Fratton Park immediately, says trust

Fratton Park
Fratton Park
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THE Pompey Supporters’ Trust says it intends to buy Fratton Park outright, instead of working through a third party.

Pompey were due up in the High Court in London today, but the case has been adjourned until January 31.

The trust welcomed the news and said it is a helpful step as it allows its bid to buy the club more time to be completed.

Originally, the fans’ group had announced that investor Stuart Robinson would buy the ground to lease back to the trust, which would buy it over a five-year period, but this has now changed.

However, it’s understood that Mr Robinson would still be involved with the trust.

Trust spokesman Colin Farmery said: ‘The idea now is that we will buy the stadium from day one.

‘The intention is that that’s what we will do once the court gives the go-ahead.

‘The whole thing is predicated on the court giving the valuation that we can work around.

‘At the moment this is about how the deal works from day one and what that means to the football club.

‘We think it’s good news from the football club’s perspective because we will own the ground from day one.’

Trust chairman Ashley Brown said: ‘Our original wish was to buy Fratton Park ourselves and we are optimistic that we will be able to achieve this, which of course is what the fans want.

‘However, the single most important thing our supporters can do to help achieve this objective is to convert their pledges or buy a share if they have not yet done so, either as individuals or in syndicates.

‘All money is held in an escrow account and will only be used should the bid proceed, as we all hope it will.

‘The more cash we can raise before the final court hearing, the better our chances of success. It is as simple as that.’

In a statement issued last night, administrator Trevor Birch, said: ‘Following discussions last week, all parties agreed to ask the court for an adjournment until 31 January.

‘The judge has granted this request.’

To find out more about pledging cash and buying a share in the trust’s takeover bid visit communitypompey.co.uk.