Wealthy Pompey fans could be club directors

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Danny Rose, right, is hopeful he will seal a new Blues deal. Picture: Joe Pepler

Rose: New Pompey deal only weeks away

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THE Pompey Supporters’ Trust is allowing wealthy fans who want to invest five-figure sums into its share scheme to form a directors club.

The trust has devised the Associate Directors Club, which will feature businessmen and individuals who are committed to securing the long-term future of the club through fans’ ownership.

Any prospective associate director will be invited to make an investment of £25,000 by buying 25 shares at £1,000.

They will be asked to hold their shares for a minimum of five years before they can be offered for sale to other buyers.

Members will have the chance to subscribe to an additional number of shares in the scheme and enjoy a number of benefits, including a seat in an exclusive area reserved for associate directors, access to a dedicated hospitality area, the opportunity the buy additional seats for guests on a match-by-match basis in the area, and two seats in the directors box for away matches.

The trust, which revealed this week it needs 1,000 new pledges to its community share scheme to mount a viable takeover of Pompey, stressed fans will still be the majority shareholding in its business plan.

Trust board member Mark Trapani said: ‘This is a win-win for all concerned.

‘This is an exciting one off opportunity for certain fans to bring their commercial and business skills to our club to allow them to have a real say in the way it is being managed and run.

‘By effectively “pooling” the investments of its members, the directors club will become a significant and influential investor in Portsmouth Football Club.’

Trust spokesman Scott Mclachlan added: ‘The business team have responded to many requests from fans who want to invest far more than £1,000, so have created this idea to accommodate them.

‘We must stress that shareholders large and small will still wield the majority shareholding in the trust’s plan and this club does not dilute that aim.

‘It shows wealthy fans want to contribute to the trust’s vision of a community club that pulls on the ideas and talent of the whole community to succeed.’

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