Whittingham: Trust will continue to show their worth

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Guy Whittingham is confident the people keeping Pompey afloat will continue to pump money into the club.

The caretaker boss insists he has faith in the men financing the Blues to keep them operational.

It’s been another tough week for Pompey, with a string of top earners told their contracts will not be renewed as part of a host of cost-cutting measures.

That follows on from an impending departure from their Eastleigh training base at the end of the month after 11 years.

The club’s Academy is also facing cuts, although its structure is expected to remain in place until the end of the season.

Pompey’s plight is set to continue beyond next Tuesday’s High Court date over the valuation of Fratton Park. No end is yet in sight over that saga as the Blues move towards a year in administration next month.

The Pompey Supporters’ Trust’s high net worths have ensured the club have not sunk towards liquidation with their financial input.

And Whittingham has faith that flow of cash will continue from them as they show their commitment.

He said: ‘They are still putting money in and we are grateful for that.

‘We have a lot of people to be thankful for.

‘It’s the high net worths, the fans keeping us going.

‘They are passionate people who are committed to this club.

‘I’m not sure it’ll be sorted on January 15. It’s a date to set a date.

‘It’s not a date to decide who is going to take over.

‘But I don’t see them not being committed to this club. They are in it and we appreciate they are in it.

‘The staff are in it and the players are in it. We need to get the performances on the pitch which shows that. That’s the difficult thing.

‘Will they pump money in if we have a chance of survival? That question’s tough to answer.

‘The business in administration can’t be ran at a loss.

‘If I’m being brave I’d like to think they’d back us, but I appreciate it’s a difficult position for them.

‘We need to win some games and we need to have some performances which match those coming from the stands.’

Pompey’s search for players to replace those on their way is continuing, with Whittingham hopeful of adding some bodies.

But he admits it is still far from clear what budgets he’s working to.

Whittingham said: ‘We are trying to plan for the very worst and the very best – and anything in between.

‘You wish, for a start, everyone wasn’t out of contract in January. Name another club who has that?

‘We have to make decisions on players and players have to make decisions.

‘It’s important to get the right players in if we are looking to replace people already here who go out of the door.

‘Hopefully we can have a situation where we put out 11 players who want to work hard for the shirt.’