Wilson’s Wisdom: No loss to miss deadline day madness

Everton rejected a transfer request from Chelsea target John Stones
Everton rejected a transfer request from Chelsea target John Stones
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It’s coming again this week but I’ve got a confession to make – I’ve never been much of a fan of transfer deadline day.

While many thought of it as compulsive viewing as clubs attempt to scramble a signing through before the deadline, it often left me a bit perplexed.

Why do clubs leave it so late?

It smacks of a kid staying up all night after leaving his homework until the last minute.

If a target is seen as that important, surely you’d want him by the time the new season starts?

The argument, of course, is that there is a game of poker to be played between clubs looking to strike the best possible deal for their own ends.

A club which doesn’t want to sell a player can sit tight and squeeze even more cash out of the interested party as the clock ticks closer to the deadline.

Alternatively, a buying club may threaten to walk away from a potential deal and focus on other targets.

Transfer requests are submitted and more often than not, players get their own way.

Waiting it out for the deal would suggest that there is logic in there somewhere but the notion of logic is often forgotten when it comes to the Premier League and big-money transfers.

West Brom’s promising forward Saido Berahino has been the subject of a bid reported to be £22m from Spurs.

Chelsea had a £38m offer rejected for Everton’s John Stones

Berahino is 22 years old and has yet to make his international debut, while Stones is 21 years old with four England caps.

Both are promising players, both submitted transfer requests to their club and at the time of writing – yes, this could change in the blink of an eye or a wave of the chequebook – both were told they were going nowhere.

We’ll see if West Brom and Everton stick to their word.

Frankly, these inflated figures are another reason for my disdain of the whole charade.

As we know, Pompey were as happy as any other Premier League rival to shell out huge sums to land a new player back in the day.

Perhaps we’re all guilty of being wise after the event and all carried away with what was going on.

I still recall the disquiet of a few years ago when Harry Redknapp failed in his late effort to sign Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Maybe some will accuse me of envy that myself and my sports desk colleagues are no longer dispatched to hang around at the training ground or Fratton Park attempting to catch a glimpse of a last-minute deal unfolding.

It’s a different tale these days. There’s no live blog on the website attempting to keep fans informed of the comings and goings with little information to report.

There’s no waiting up until midnight and beyond to write the back-page story to see if a fax went through in time.

Paul Cook may yet add a new recruit before the deadline – he insists he is trying to strengthen his squad – but I doubt there will be a huge flurry of activity.

It appears Cook listened to his teacher and did his homework early.

As far as transfer deadline-day dealings go, Pompey barely get a mention these days.

And that suits me just fine.