Portsmouth defender slams social media flak on injury record

Jack Whatmough has hit back at the knockers and vowed: I'm not injury prone.

Friday, 5th October 2018, 12:58 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th October 2018, 10:08 am
Pompey defender Jack Whatmough Picture: Joe Pepler

And the Pompey defender has blasted the social-media haters who attempt to bait footballers.

Whatmough has moved to defend himself from those who question his injury record, after suffering two serious knee injuries.

The Gosport talent is currently thriving at the heart of the Blues' defence as they set the pace in League One.

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Pompey defender Jack Whatmough Picture: Joe Pepler

But, after returning from a hamstring issue, he has launched a passionate defence of his fitness.

Whatmough said: '˜You see stuff and people saying I'm injury prone.

'˜Injury prone is picking up muscle injuries all the time.

'˜I've had two (career) muscle injuries and the other two have been big ones which are out of my hands.

'˜They were ones you couldn't do anything with.

'˜I've needed surgery which has delayed the process and that was always going to happen.

'˜I think saying I'm injury prone is a little bit unfair.

'˜It's been two big injuries and you literally can't do anything about it.

'˜It's like Danny Rose's one. He's broken his leg and you can't do anything about it.

'˜It doesn't make him injury prone, he's just had a big injury. I've suffered two.

'˜That's how it is. Some people have big injuries in their career and are out for a time.

'˜Some have two like I have and it's just one of those things.

'˜You see it happen to people in the Premier League.

'˜Danny Welbeck's had two in the same knee and he's not injury prone. He's doing okay.

'˜It's just unfortunate the timing of them, but it's how you bounce back and deal with that setback.'

Christian Burgess recently found himself subjected to social media flak after conceding a late penalty against Wycombe.

Whatmough has also come under fire in the past and rounded on those who have given him stick.

He added: '˜It's not the nicest of things to hear. It's something you have to ignore.

'˜Social media has come to football now.

'˜Christian suffered a little bit with it the other week. Some people thrive on trying to get a nibble out of a player.

'˜We've got a group here where no one will. They'll ignore it. There's nothing to it.

'˜Whatever Bill Bloggs says about me will not impact my life. I won't lose sleep over reading a comment over my injuries.

'˜I will still come, train every day and do all I can on a Saturday or Tuesday. It will make zero impact.

'˜That's what some people thrive on, moaning and commenting about people.

'˜What those people say is irrelevant. What they say is irrelevant.

'˜Social media is a massive part of football now, but that (abuse) is not right.

'˜Supporters pay money and are entitled to an opinion, but sometimes it crosses the line.

'˜That's where you have to step back and say they should be encouraging not getting on to people.

'˜Wherever you go you will get the encouragement and the negative comments.

'˜But the negative ones don't get listened to - so they might as well save them!'