Portsmouth fans in defence of Christian Burgess after penalty call

Pompey fans have leapt to the defence of Christian Burgess after the late penalty decision which saw Kenny Jackett's men denied a win by Wycombe on Saturday.

Sunday, 23rd September 2018, 4:49 pm
Updated Monday, 24th September 2018, 10:04 am
Christian Burgess & Co were denied the win as Wycombe grabbed a 2-2 draw at Fratton Park on Saturday. Picture: Joe Pepler

The defender was penalised for bundling over Fred Onyedinma in the 2-2 draw which saw the unbeaten Blues knocked off top spot in League One.

But while referee Craig Hicks was not a popular figure at Fratton Park on Saturday, Burgess certainly is and he has already thanked the supporters for backing him at the time.

Fans have been discussing this since on our Facebook Portsmouth FC '“ The News.

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Here are some of the comments'¦

David Corps '“ People need to give the guy a break. Was a very weak penalty to give.

Paul Edwards '“ He'll bounce back, good player with a great attitude. PUP.

Nick Squibb '“ Sub standard player... doesn't tactically read the game before committing. Happy to jump for the ball, but doesn't haven't the tactical prowess to think where his header will go. It's not good enough to just win a header. Needs to think two or three passes ahead. Sorry, but not good enough for the current squad.

Max Williams '“ Not sure why people were hating on him, that's an incredibly soft penalty. Goes up to head the ball away and the attacker stands his ground and goes down very easily.

Harry Abbott '“ 2 home games, 2 errors, 4 points dropped. Fact. Yes he's a great ambassador for the club, yes he's a great guy, but no he isn't good enough to be in a top League One team. Whatmough is a superb player but realistically is probably never going to play 46 games a year so IMO another CB is needed. Feel sorry for Clarke having to play with someone far worse than him.

Tim Nobbs '“ Not sure why people give him so much stick. Had a good game until the penalty incident, and to be frank the penalty was very soft.

Steve Driscoll '“ No one knocked him when we got promoted and he was at the back all season.

Sam Hill '“ You can't solely blame Burgess for dropping points. If we were three or 4-1 up, conceding a penalty wouldn't have made a difference.

Ryan Boare '“ Burgess is a class act. We shouldn't be limping over the line anyway, we should be bossing Wycombe at home and destroying them, be home and dry before this point. Unlucky Burg, onwards and upwards. PUP.

Amanda Jane Clowes '“ Very soft penalty decision from a ref who wore a white shirt all afternoon. Felt Burgess had a good game until this point. Go again, Christian!

Adam Colwell '“ Regardless of if it was soft or not. Like many fouls we didn't need to make the challenge. Having seen it again since I got home, Burgess basically bundles him over and with the ref he didn't need to do it. Wycombe player was back towards goal and on the edge of the area so no need to go rushing in. At the end of the day neither Clarke or Whatmough would have done that and that's the difference. Misses judging a free header vs Shrewsbury and now this. Once Jack is fully fit Burgess will be back to the bench.

Lorraine Wells '“ Give him a break people.

John Hookey '“ Just seen it and looked like he just cleared the header and the guy felt a slight bit of contact and went down. I thought him and Clarke had strong game.

Alan Chandler '“  I personally think he had played well in the last two home games, but ultimately he has made two mistakes. It's just up to us supporters to back the players which will only help them.