Portsmouth fans react to Milton End changes

From Saturday, Pompey are trialling moving visiting supporters into the south-east end of the Milton End.

Friday, 19th October 2018, 1:14 pm
Updated Friday, 19th October 2018, 2:20 pm
Pompey fans are to be rehoused in the Milton End as part of a two-game trial. Picture: Joe Pepler

Introduced for Fratton Park matches against Fleetwood and Burton, the temporary measure will see home fans instead allocated the north-east side, spanning two sections.

Here are supporters' reaction to the story, their views posted on portsmouth.co.uk and our Facebook page'¦


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Pompey fans are to be rehoused in the Milton End as part of a two-game trial. Picture: Joe Pepler

Isn't that going to be near the family stand?

I'm not happy with this at all as my son and I sit in the North Stand lower and we love the banter with the away fans, it was the main reason we picked that area!

Here's hoping it's just a trial!

As for hooliganism, we've had a single occurrence of it against Oldham which, in my opinion, wouldn't have happened if they would have kicked out their dancing idiot who was up and down rows, over seats and up and down stairs with his shirt off, taunting everyone.

Daniel Kirby


Sounds like a good idea '“ but it is still a lack of facilities in Milton End that's the real problem'¦ though I suspect HM Constabulary may have had a big say in this matter?

It has often been the only flashpoint in Fratton Park for silly hooliganism by both Pompey '˜fans' and visiting supporters.

Peter Walsh


Two thumbs up for a good idea, I just hope that visiting fans (and us as well) aren't too disgraceful in front of the kids in the South stand.

I love football and am blue through and through, but some of the stuff that gets screamed and shouted (by me at times as well) in the stands shouldn't be for little '˜uns ears.

Matt Bridgman


Shame. It'll take away from the interaction between the home fans in the North stand and the visiting away fans.

Sure, you never want to see it taken too far, but it very rarely escalates to an unacceptable level. It's good to create a bit of a '˜bear pit atmosphere' at the ground, which I think will be lost slightly moving the away fans closer to the more subdued South stand.

Jake Meyers


I would like to see away supporters pushed to the sidelines rather than behind the goal, similar to how we are treated at most away grounds. But I guess that would upset a few thousand of our season-ticket holders in the lower South stand.

Andi Saunders


Good idea, it will also put a stop to some of the moronic interactions between visiting fans and home supporters seated in North lower east section.

Bob Ford


Sitting by the corner flag in the north lower vs Gillingham, all the banter was very lighthearted and, in truth, although often rude, some of their songs were quite funny and a damn sight more entertaining than our players on the pitch.

You have to give hats off to most as, apart from Sunderland and maybe Bradford, this is the only time they will experience a big crowd.

If like Gillingham they get a win, you can't blame them enjoying it, especially when you know they'll be struggling down the bottom of the table for most of the season.

Simon White