Bees man had belief free-kick would fly past Pompey keeper

Barnet goalscorer Mauro Vilhete   Picture: Joe Pepler
Barnet goalscorer Mauro Vilhete Picture: Joe Pepler
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Mauro Vilhete always fancied his chances of executing his top-drawer free-kick.

The Barnet man was confident he could beat Pompey keeper David Forde with his excellent 25 yarder in Saturday’s 1-1 draw.

Vilhete was given the chance to step up eight minutes from time after Matt Clarke was penalised for a foul on sub Justin Amaluzor.

It was an unfortunate moment for Clarke with the ball apparently taking a bobble as he went to clear.

But Vilhete took full advantage of the opportunity to plant his dead ball over the wall and beyond Forde.

The Portugal-born wide man was confident he could deliver the finish if he could get the ball over the wall.

He felt it would have been hard for Forde to do anything if he achieved that.

Vilhete said: ‘They had quite a big wall.

‘So I knew if it was on target it would go in because the keeper wouldn’t see it.

‘So I made sure I got it on target and it went in the goal.

‘It’s hard. I don’t think he even saw it until it went over the wall.

‘Once it’s gone over it’s hard to get across.

‘I was pleased with it.’

Vilhete’s strike didn’t prove decisive, however, as Conor Chaplin equalised in spectacular style in the 89th minute.

It was a frustrating leveller for the Bees, who were hopeful of a maximum return on Kevin Nugent’s first game in charge.

Vilhete acknowledged it was a ‘moment of brilliance’ from Chaplin, however, as he paid tribute to the quality of Chaplin’s 25-yard strike.

The fact it was such an impressive way to rescue a point against one of the division’s most powerful sides was still of little consolation for the Barnet man, however.

Vilhete stated the game wasn’t easy on the eye with little in the way of goalscoring chances for long period.

He felt one goal would prove enough to deliver victory.

Vilhete said: ‘It’s frustrating regardless of who you play.

‘You always feel you can hold out for the win.

‘But it was a moment of brilliance from him.

‘Fair play to him, and they managed to get the point.

‘But we’ll take any point and move on to the next one.

‘It was scrappy. There wasn’t a shot in the first 25 minutes.

‘That shows it was a battle between both sides.

‘It was one where you thought one goal could be enough.

‘But, as I say, it was a moment of brilliance from their lad to make it 1-1. Fair play to him.’