'Bit rich after the stick Barton gave Sunderland... another kick in the teeth for fans' - Portsmouth fans react to Fleetwood match postponement

Pompey fans have been having their say on Fleetwood’s decision to postpone their game at Fratton Park because of international call-ups.

Friday, 8th November 2019, 11:45 am
Updated Saturday, 9th November 2019, 11:23 am

The Blues were initially pondering whether to play the League One match after Craig MacGillivray (Scotland), Ronan Curtis (Republic of Ireland) and Ross McCrorie (Scotland under-21) were all selected by their national set-ups.

Pompey opted not to play their scheduled fixture with Southend back on September 7 because of international call-ups.

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Fleetwood are exercising the same right after three of their players earned selection to represent their countries.

At the time he said: ‘If I was in their position and looked at their momentum, our momentum, their team and our team I would have done the same.

‘If Joey Barton and Fleetwood rock into town and do what we can do and what we showed last season at home and away, with a group which is nowhere near as strong as it is now, for Jack Ross, we are the last team that you want to face given their situation.

Fleetwood Town manager Joey Barton Picture: Daniel Chesterton

‘They have to play us at some time because you have to play everyone twice.

‘It’s smart to avoid us, because they know if they play us now there’s only one outcome.’

That stance adopted by Barton has not been forgotten by Blues fans.

And following the postponement of the Fleetwood’s game at Fratton Park on Saturday, November 16 – many Pompey supporters took to social media to express their annoyance.

Here’s a selection of the views shared on Twitter and Facebook...

Shaun Nicholls: Hold on Joey Barton was slamming Sunderland for not playing their game.

Ian Thompson: Called off as sub goalkeeper England under 20s and on loan player this is joke right.

Kevin Shelley: Earlier in the season Barton was taunting one of their opponents, saying if they cancelled cos of international call ups it is because they are scared of facing his team with an under strength team. I can only assume he is scared of facing a 1 defeat in 8 team in Pompey pup.

Adrian Harris: Barton didn’t like it when the last team cancelled against them now he’s done the same. Would of probably been a boring defensive 0 0 draw anyway.

@frattonender: Yet Sunderland were running scared when they postponed their game against them. What does Barton say about that?

@Dave_Loren: A bit rich after the stick Barton gave Sunderland.

@willhuck: Will we ever not have games in hand?

@colinfb5: Another kick in the teeth for Season Ticket Holders who work and can’t make midweek matches, and there are lots!

@LukeEllisPUP: No league game for over 2 weeks again! This season is so disjointed. Actually feel a bit sorry for our players, almost impossible to find any rhythm #pompey

@PropPersonnel: I agree. It's becoming an issue that needs to be looked at.

Four matches in L1 now postponed on 16th - that's the supporters from eight clubs being mucked about.

Appreciate there will be some 'winners' in moving to a Tuesday, but pretty sure there are far more losers.

@robhumphrey75: Didn't Barton have a moan about Sunderland calling their game off against them, now they are doing it!

@pompeyshaun1986: Time to dig out the joey Barton quotes about Sunderland