'Blues will get left behind... club are doing it the right way' - Portsmouth fans react to boss' stance on wage structure

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Pompey fans have been having their say on Kenny Jackett’s unwavering stance on the club’s wage structure.

The Blues boss told The News he wasn’t willing to stretch the boundaries on what the club were prepared to offer any new signings in terms of salary each week.

However, he did insist that Pompey were still able to splash the cash on transfer fees for any player who can make the difference to their Championship bid.

Jackett also remained adamant there is a market for the kind of signing who falls into that category this season.

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The manager’s position on this subject has generated a lot of debate on portsmouth.co.uk and our Facebook page Portsmouth FC – The News.

Pompey boss Kenny Jackett, left, with assistant manager Joe Gallen Picture: Habibur Rahman

Pompey boss Kenny Jackett, left, with assistant manager Joe Gallen Picture: Habibur Rahman

We take a look at some of those comments at a time when the Blues are currently active in the transfer market, with Jackett attempting to build a squad capable of winning promotion to the Championship...

John Penwith: Maybe they (Pompey) need to be creative with their offering. If, for example, a player is a grand a week away from signing (can't believe I'm typing that!), then increase his signing on fee from the £4 million pot. £80 to £100k as a lump may get it over the line.

Trevor Sutch: Personally, I think KJ and the club are doing some good business bringing in experienced players with ambition.

Forming a strong title winning TEAM this year, rather than having a squad, with a couple of stand out players as per the last 2 seasons.

The transfer window isn't over yet and we have money in the bank. I'm sure we will be pleased with 1 or 2 more very good additions before the season starts.

Keep the faith, PUP.

Julian Parrett: This slow but sure brick by brick policy is fiscally prudent but it's taking the fun out of Pompey. Surely the Eisners must see that soccer in England does not follow the norms of business.... PUP.

Jyron Dallender: Tell me about ambitions, when we have barely signed anyone who’s proven.

I’m gonna say this again, like I said last year, we need another CB and attacking midfielder and players who are consistent who has passion to play for Pompey and not scared of cold in between jan-may.

We will definitely need to sign a few more.

Please change the tactic because the main reason why we won games last season was because we got lucky but teams had figured us out in the second half which is why we threw away auto promotion.

Kevin Manning: Million pound players will expect million pound player's wages so don't hold your breath!

Richard Odare: So no decent players coming in then KJ and we will be left behind by the likes of Sunderland, Posh and Rotherham.

Ryan Cooper: My bet is Ragget will become a shoe-in for team selection every week… really good CB and we have him for the whole season.

I think we have more strength in the centre of defence than we have for the last few years overall... yes we have lost Clarke, but we now have 4 very decent CB's with a 5th waiting in the wings.

A proven striker and a creative centre mid and we are well set.

And if they come as free transfers, how can that be bad for business.... rather have decent freebies than over priced Donkeys!!!

Karl Ross: Money doesn't mean good players. Look at Sunderland, biggest wages, 4.5mil on Grigg and let's look at their season, 2 trips to Wembley what did the win?

What was their position in the league? But no wage increase no ambition