Bone Idle Gossip: I won't give up on Pompey pairs... until next week!

Well, I said my new game – Rhyming Pompey Pairs – would either flop or be a primetime BBC1 game show by the middle of Feburary.

Friday, 12th February 2021, 12:00 pm
David Norris celebrates his famous St Mary's leveller in April 2012

And now I can confirm that Pointless Celebrities, The Wall or Larry Grayson’s Generation Game – whatever it is that takes up BBC1’s schedule on Saturday nights these days – is safe.

Inundated with readers having a go, I was not.

But honourable mentions go to Rich Gunter, who was first to attempt the game and got three out of six, and Mike Davies, first through the door with a full house.

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If you missed it, and it seems most did, the game went like this: I gave you six clues and each one covered two Pompey players, past or present, with rhyming surnames.

Here are the teasers, with the answers:

1 Two who love a long-range goal: Naylor and Taylor.

2 Strikers who played up front in 11-12 – Benjani and Varney.

3 Midfielders who have scored away to a team beginning with ‘South’ – Norris and Morris.

4 Duo signed from clubs who were in the 2013 League Cup final – Byers and Myers.

5 ‘Magicians’ from states which were part of the former Yugoslavia – Preki and Prosinecki.

6 Midfielders whose four-letter first names beginwith A – Faye and May.

I’m not one to flog a dead horse but I’m giving this one more week.

Some of these have been suggested by last week’s winner Mike, so you can blame as well as me if they’re too hard.

Answers to s[email protected] or tweetme – @stevebone1 ...

1 A defender who went on to be manager and a former England striker.

2 Two midfielders who you sometimes see on Sky Sports.

3 A blond striker and a a defender who also played for that lot up the road.

4 A current star and a racehorse trainer.

5 A Senegalese midfielder and a Cherries boss.

Good luck!