'Could change our season... About time' - Portsmouth fans give their thoughts on 'subtle' formation change

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Pompey fans have been having their say on Kenny Jackett’s system change.

The Blues boss told The News earlier this week he has made a ‘subtle change’ to his favoured 4-2-3-1 formation in recent weeks.

Jackett is now turning to an ‘evolved’ 4-4-2 formation as he searches for a winning formula to get Pompey moving up the League One table.

In the past two outings – the south-coast derby defeat to Southampton and the league win over Bolton last weekend – Brett Pitman has partnered John Marquis up front.

And Jackett is now planning to continue with his two-pronged attack moving forward.

It’s a change that has been welcomed by the vast majority of Pompey supporters.

Kenny Jackett

Kenny Jackett

Here’s how the Fratton faithful have reacted to Jackett’s system tweak on social media…

Luke Hurren - Only way for him to turn fans opinion back in his favour is to play a system that is more offensive. 4-4-2 fits that bill. Hopefully he actually does it. He's right, Marquis up top with a target man would be devastating

Russ Wakefield - Just need to replace Close with Cannon

Keith Attrill - Is this a way of getting the fans back on side, I wonder 🤔

Daniel Squires - You're having a laugh we are playing 4-4-2! Last week we were told it was 4-3-3. All he is doing is playing Pitman in the ‘hole’ for his 4-2-3-1 formation

Tom Andrews - Could change our season but he needs to drop Curtis if we want better service to our strikers. I believe we can outscore teams but still need a solid back four or well get nowhere.

Doug McFlug - IMO it is our best forward pairing but not convinced anything will change the 4-2-3-1 format. Let's hope they score enough to beat Donny tomorrow.

Julie Cook - Won’t work with Ben Close as one of the central midfielders, whoever plays alongside him will get over run. So we will have two forwards with no service!!

Shakira Bennett - Let’s hope so, will it be this season? How long will Pitman stay fit? Who’s your plan B?

Sue Groves - About time he changed it, let's hope we get some more goals now. That's if he has though, he's so stubborn everyone's been saying for months he needs to change it, well we will see.

Andrew Burgess - He doesn't have a choice but to play 4-4-2 because Pitman doesn't have the energy to play a #10 role and Marquis can't hold the ball up. So if he wants to play these two that's the only option.

Thing is hardly any teams play 4-4-2 any more that are successful. Tactics have moved on, so it looks desperate to me.