Fratton Park fans give verdict on Nike kit proposals that could impact Portsmouth, Liverpool, Chelsea, Birmingham & Co

Pompey fans on social media have been reacting to reports that Nike are set to change their kit strategies.

By Pepe Lacey
Sunday, 26th June 2022, 4:55 am

And the claims have earned the backing of a large section of the Fratton faithful, who view the proposals as a positive.

The American sports brand’s fresh plans could see the Blues and every club contracted with the popular manufacturer keep the same kit for two seasons, rather than see it refreshed on the current annual basis.

Reports in France suggest ecological factors are one of the main reasons behind the possible changes, while the cost of living in the UK continues to increase.

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With PSG set to be the first club to go down the route with Nike, it could see the likes of Pompey, Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona, Spurs and Roma all follow suit.

The Fratton faithful have taken to social media to voice their opinions on the recent news.

Here’s the best reaction from Twitter.

@BradSaundersPfc: Really positive step forward this is, help with fans low on income feeling pressure to get their kids all the new kits every season.

Pompey fans have given their verdict on Nike's new kit proposals.

Great step in the right direction of treating fans like fans!

@danieledmunds4: With the cost of living going up this would be a big plus on behalf of the club!!

@Jack001Robinson: Instead of keeping the same each year, which doesn’t work if the fans are split on an away kit, which happens all the time with Pompey. They should be more affordable in the first place. Not £80 for full badges and name on the back.

@PompeyGJ: First two seasons in the Premier League we wore the same home kit. I think it’s a great idea.

@Hells_Bells1982: It was OK up to the end of the 90s. Maybe change it so either home or away is changed each season.

@gusbaxter98: Should keep the home kit for two seasons. A new away kit every year with the previous season’s away kit being the third kit.

@Nineteen862: How it should be. Not changing kits every single season.

@Brad_Sked: Good. The culture of churning out a new shirt every season at such a high cost for fans is quite grim especially during a time when cost of living is so high.

It would also be more environmentally sustainable as well.