HMS Prince of Wales’s operations rooms ready to be switched on for the first time

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THE operations room of Britain’s second supercarrier, HMS Prince of Wales, is ready for ‘flashing up’ for the first time.

Packed with sophisticated computers and screens, the room is the nerve centre of the 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier.

It’s where Prince of Wales’s crew will look out for threats and track movements of the ship’s F-35B jets and Merlin helicopters.

The news that the room is about to be switched on for the first time comes as her sister ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth continues her voyage across the Atlantic to America.

Chief Petty Officer Greg Connor, the Ops Room manager, said allowing his team to move into the complex was ‘a momentous occasion’.

‘This milestone represents the heart of the warfare fighting elements of the ship coming to fruition,’ he said. ‘The warfare department now has its sights firmly set on preparing the ship and team as more and more systems are brought online.’

Prince of Wales will leave her berth in Rosyth to begin trials next year.

She is made up of more than 3,000 compartments and will arrive in her home base of Portsmouth later in 2019.