How Netflix series Narcos inspired Portsmouth midfielder Ryan Williams to start learning Spanish

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Pompey winger Ryan Williams is learning to adjust to life back in Pompey following his return in the summer.

But rather than try to perfect the local lingo again, the Australian winger has instead continued his Spanish lessons.

Williams has always wanted to learn another language.

And after starting to watch crime series Narcos on Netflix, the 26-year-old’s mind was made up on which one he wanted to take up.

The former Fulham and Rotherham winger has now been taking Spanish lessons for nearly two years.

It’s something he has continued since arriving at Fratton Park on a free transfer.

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams

And Williams has been able to put his lessons into practice, speaking with a Colombian employee at Pompey’s Roko training base.

The Aussie said: ‘I’ve been learning Spanish for about a year-and-a-half, maybe two years.

‘But it’s hard.

‘It’s hard in England because the exposure to Spanish is very little really.

‘There’s a lady that works at the training ground, she’s Colombian, and I try to do as much speaking with her as possible.

‘I’ve got a tutor that I try to see once a week.

‘But it’s hard when you’ve got a kid.

‘It’s something that I really enjoy doing.

‘I’m not really sure why I took it up.

‘I think started watching Narcos on Netflix.

‘I’ve been to Spain a couple of times and I love it.

‘I love the culture.

‘I’ve always wanted to learn another language.

‘I did Spanish for a bit on my phone and really enjoyed it.’

Williams has a young son and has been trying to teach him some basics.

And it’s been rubbing off on other members of his family, too.

He added: ‘I try to speak a little bit of Spanish to my son with numbers.

‘Even my missus is picking up a bit now.

‘It’s been good.’