It’s a blip Portsmouth fans, get a grip...

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Pompey fans have been having their say on Twitter after defeat to Oxford. Here’s a selection of those views.

There’s a bit of a meltdown going on on here.
We’re still top, every team has a blip. KJ has gone from demi-god to lemon inside three weeks.
Get a grip people, it’s #Pompey innit

Players and fans are downcast after Oxford defeat. Picture: Joe Pepler

Players and fans are downcast after Oxford defeat. Picture: Joe Pepler


The fact that Lowe and Curtis have been off form since the window is no coincidence. Agents can upset players. Particularly the young ones that see £ signs this time of year. Feb can't come soon enough. Our players are capable. I have no doubts about that. #Pompey


Pompey fans with all the negativity. Yes we’re going through a blip but positivity and support the Blues we will get back on track!!! Up ze blues


So a tweet is the reason we lost? Okay and i suppose it’s our Twitter’s fault we lost against Blackpool? Nothing to do with the fact we’ve been absolutely awful.


I can’t believe what I’m reading on here this morning, the minority have lost their marbles... I’d love to see your reaction while running your own business and you’ve had a poor week. #pompey


Not the best result but we have a couple of games now to get things right in that cup on Tuesday and FA Cup on Saturday in order to be ready for Luton on 29th. 2-3 additions required which I’m sure will be sorted. #Pompey


We're having a dodgy run, will come through it,bit of fighting spirit required, city of Pompey famous for it, not a problem.


I’m sure we will go up this season it wouldn’t be #pompey if we did it the easy way but if we don’t go up I doubt very much Clarke, Lowe or Curtis will be here next season


Supported #Pompey long enough to not be shocked by the last couple of results. I don’t go these days, but still follow it closely.
Been waiting for us to have a tricky period, it seems we’ve hit it!
It’s never gonna be easy, but fans need to calm down calling for Jackett’s head!


I think it's quite clear we've missed @oliverhawkins08 these past few games. Pivotal to the way the team plays and helps bring the wingers in to the game. #Pompey


A little bit of perspective is needed nothing has been ‘blown’ yet some fans appear ready to accept we won’t get promoted I see little of the once famous Pompey fighting spirit