League One beware: Portsmouth still haven't been visited by Lady Luck - Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams has warned League One: Wait until Lady Lucky finally smiles on Pompey.

Tuesday, 11th February 2020, 8:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 11th February 2020, 8:00 am

The Blues are positioned fifth in League One, three points adrift of second spot, and tonight head to promotion rivals Coventry (7.45pm).

Despite that heartening placing, Williams is convinced good fortune is around to corner to aid Championship ambition.

The Australian points to the October 2-1 victory at Doncaster as the only game Pompey haven’t deserved to win this term.

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In contrast, he believes there are at least three league draws which should have been triumphs.

And with seasons generally sprinkled with good luck as well as misfortune, he believes it’s about time fate leant a helping hand.

Williams said: ‘With all the teams I’ve been at in my career, there have always been periods where you’ve had no luck and periods where you get lucky.

Ryan Williams believes Pompey are due a bit of luck in their promotion challenge. Picture: Daniel Chesterton/phcimages.com

‘I still think we are not through our bit of luck yet.

‘We’ve had a bit of unluckiness, for me the three games which stick out are Coventry, Bristol Rovers and Oxford, which cost us six points.

‘Whereas I feel the only game we shouldn’t have won was at Doncaster.

‘Me and the boys have gone through matches we should have won and those we shouldn’t have won. There are far more ones we should have won.

‘Oxford’s equaliser was really late, when Matty Taylor scored he couldn’t have put it anywhere else, it managed to float over two players. Our luck wasn't in that day.

‘Although when Sunderland’s Luke O’Nien struck the post the other day, maybe in that period it could have hit Alex Bass and gone in. You never know.

‘We have two games in hand, maybe we’ll get a bit of luck tonight, maybe on the last day of the season. I feel we’re due some luck.’

Regardless, Pompey have lost two of their last 23 fixtures, winning the last nine in a row.

Williams added: ‘We are doing really well at the moment, but you can’t count it as luck, it has all been earned.

‘We still deserve that bit of luck – and I think we’ll definitely get it.’