Letters be seeing them: Meet Portsmouth's P team and W team

The W team strikeforce
The W team strikeforce
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This is a short column, so may I start with the briefest of recaps to explain why I’m discussing Pompey teams made up of players whose surnames begin with the same letter?

When Pompey signed Lloyd Isgrove I looked up how many players we’d had in our history with surnames starting with ‘I’. There were a paltry four.

The recruitment of James Vaughan led to research on all our ‘V’ men which, as I revealed last week, allowed for a starting XI and one sub.

I threw the doors open and asked for your contributions for other letters – and was not disappointed with the response.

Martin Fish was quickly in with a W team: Westerweld; Webster, Went, Whatmough, Wilson B; Weddle, Walkes, Wilson A, Wallace; Whittingham, Walsh.

Great, but Ant Coombes seems to have spent most of his week coming up with a P team, which he put on a very pretty pitch that he sent me a picture of. He then conducted further research to improve his line-up.

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Ant’s original team was: Poom, Pasanen, Primus, Perrett, Pethick, Pitt, Prosinecki, Padovani, Panopoulos, Pitman, Pericard. Then he says: ‘I took to Pompeyrama for reinforcements as it was obvious this team was short of physicality, penetration, poise, power....and, in some cases, ability.

‘Poom's place came under threat from Andy Petterson, who I’ll put on the bench. Brian Priske gets the nod over Pethick at right-back, with Noe Pamarot (second spell) usurping Perrett.

‘Preki comes in for Panapoulos, Jeff Peron for Pitt - despite competition from Martin Phillips. Darryl Powell slots in alongside Prosinecki, Piquionne alongside Pericard.

Brilliant stuff - other-lettered teams now needed...​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ tweet @stevebone1 or email stevebonepfc@googlemail.com