Money in football beyond belief – how much will it cost Pompey to reach top?

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain moved to Liverpool for �35m from Arsenal on transfer deadline day
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain moved to Liverpool for �35m from Arsenal on transfer deadline day
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What a relief this summer’s transfer window has finally come to an end.

It’s been an embarrassing and sickening reflection of modern football.

The transfer market is inflated beyond belief, to be honest.

Ironically, just as the money sky rockets thanks to television deals, long gone is the anticipation and excitement previously generated by the media regarding players switching clubs.

Instead, football fans now cringe at the sight of average players with a £30m price tag demanded.

I don’t think anyone gets entertainment out of entities such as deadline day anymore.

It is not the players’ fault. In fact, what is exciting is to see such talent on display in the Premier League.

I want to watch entertaining football and I welcome top talent coming to the top tier in England, but the figures being banded about are impossible to justify.

When you consider the facilities on offer at grassroots level for Sunday league clubs and the price fans now have to pay to watch their side, it makes the transfer window even more bewildering.

Imagine what the money could do for grassroots football.

There is no money trickling down the divisions in the modern game.

It is hard to enjoy the top level of football as a spectator when you are fully aware of the injustices rife in the game.

Simply put, I’ve fallen out of love with the Premier League.

It makes you wonder what it is going to take for Pompey to get back there and how much money Michael Eisner, inset, will need to invest in the club.

There is no sign of the market busting any time soon, it seems that the transfer fees and the wages will inflate beyond comprehension.