'Not good enough... Pitman to the rescue again' - Portsmouth fans react to victory against Bolton

Pompey fans have been having their say on Pompey’s 1-0 victory over Bolton in League One.

By The Sports Desk
Sunday, 29th September 2019, 11:16 am
Brett Pitman celebrates scoring Pompey's winner
Brett Pitman celebrates scoring Pompey's winner

The front man missed a second-half penalty moments before he broke the deadlock.

Brett Pitman celebrates scoring Pompey's winner

Yet Pompey fans still aren’t 100-per-cent satisfied with what they saw from their side at Fratton Park.

Here’s a selection of the views shared with us on our Facebook page Portsmouth FC – The News and at portsmouth.co.uk…

Robin Fisher: So much for 'setting off like an express train' then.

It was more like the slow train to London from the Harbour station that is running late.

That first half was simply awful and, in fact, Bolton were the better team.

A lot of went wrong has to go down to the manager. I can't fathom out how Raggett gets into the team when has been nowhere near it after his very poor performances and why he keeps picking Curtis.

I don't understand why McCrorie can't get into a team which has no midfield creativity, which McCrorie possesses.

We had two strikers playing, which was a plus, but it was evident from the start they would be starved of service.

Why must our manager play with two defensive holding players in a home match that we should be winning at a canter??

If we are not going to play pretty football why not go with 3 up front and at least two attacking midfielders which would then mean a punted forward pass would have a better chance of reaching our players?

Anthony Knight: Awful performance against a club who’s squad cost £1.40 and a packet of biscuits.. not good enough.

Scott Clark: Some of the comments, dear god. Weren’t moaning when you were rocking up at Wembley singing “Kenny jacketts blue and white army”

Adrian Timms: Still rubbish. Lucky.

Chris Pompey FC: When I saw the team, I thought we would struggle to win, yes I know it was more or less the same side that played that lot down the road and the players upped the effort but that was down to the occasion than down to Jackett in truth the same old problems were evident, lack of creativity, poor final ball, poor finishing' the side look devoid of any confidence.

This is purely down to Jackett and his obsession of playing square pegs in round holes then dropping them as soon as it doesn’t work as most knew it would't.

Continually playing players in poor form – look at Curtis, the lad’s been off form for months yet he's continually put him in the side to the point of possibly ruining his career.

I hope the lad comes back eventually but he needed to be taken out the side a long time ago.

Jackett's man management style is awful and its no real surprise, his treatment of Baker and Roberts spoke volumes when he first came here.

It was pretty clear there’s a few players who would't be to bothered if he went as well as fans.

The first half was dire and the second wasn’t much better.

Richard Odare: Of course we could have scored more than one, but we need a manager who likes his team to play attacking football. Two away matches next and we need 6 points or it's goodbye.

Phil Hayman: Drop Curtis, Close, Pitman and Raggett.

Steve Mac: Poor 1st half, much better 2nd half - where was Downing?

Simon Lincoln: Pitman to the rescue again.

Mel Clarke: Terrible game today.