Pompey fans hit back at former Aston Villa striker Stan Collymore

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Pompey fans have hit out at Stan Collymore after the ex-Aston Villa striker issued a rescue plan to save his former club.

The Claret & Blues have hit financial trouble, having racked up a £4m tax bill and owing up to £11m in transfer fees.

Stan Collymore. Picture: Adam Davey/ PA Images

Stan Collymore. Picture: Adam Davey/ PA Images

To remedy the problem, Collymore has called on Villa fans via Twitter to purchase the club from owner Tony Xi.

His blueprint is to purchase 50,000 ordinary shares at £2,500 each and then sell 49 per cent based on a Financial Fair Play test.

Yet, the Fratton faithful have little sympathy for Collymore after comments he made regarding the Blues in 2010.

Back then, the former England striker told talkSPORT Pompey should be made a ‘scapegoat’ and be ‘crunched up, folded up and have to either start again at the bottom of the pyramid or be put out of business’ after winning a legal battle with HM Revenue & Customs.

In reply, Pompey fans have offered Collymore little sympathy. Here’s what they had to say...


You get what you sow Mr Colleymore.

Slagged off Pompey (and by extension us fans) when it suited you and now it’s come home to roost.


Remember that rant about Pompey Stan!! Or have you forgotten?


Pretty sure you wanted Pompey put out of business when we had the same trouble, but it’s fine for Villa.


Or close them down and make an example as you suggested for #Pompey you hypocrite. What goes around.....


Think he’s going to have to swallow his pride and admit he was wrong. I didn’t believe in Karma until today though.


But when Pompey fans did it we should’ve been crushed like a can? Nice to see your beautiful double standards.


Haha I hope Villa suffer, just like how you said Pompey should fold.... Funny when’s it’s on the other foot isn’t it?


@StanCollymore poor old villa they get what they deserve you were slamming pompey when we were in that position so I have no sympathy.