Portsmouth deserve praise over handling of Chaplin and Green moves                     

Pompey's wantaway striker Conor Chaplin. Picture: Andrew Fosker/PinPep
Pompey's wantaway striker Conor Chaplin. Picture: Andrew Fosker/PinPep
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Pompey fans have been having their say over the club’s handling of Conor Chaplin’s future along with the impending arrival of Andre Green. Here’s a selection of those views.

I like the way the club is being run these days, best it's been for many years and certainly much better than the heady Premiership times. I also like Conor, but agree that it's best for both sides that he is allowed to leave, if only to find regular football for himself.

Alan Childs

It warms my heart to read articles like Catlin’s.  For too long Pompey became a play thing for people whose egos were too big - and not all of them were crooks.

John Elgie 

We can't have it any other way. We get held to ransom by no one, whether agents, players, other clubs.  Yes of course there has to be sensible, professional negotiation but in the club's best interests.

Nortstandeasy Peasy

Goodbye Conor Chaplin = Hello Championship. And well spoken Catlin. Looking forward now.

David Wills

Green ‘s a great c oup for us! Villa fans are not happy about him leaving so says it all.

Ben Roberts

Let's give him a chance to see what he can do before all the negative posts. Then give Conor his wish to join Coventry and play football, which is what he wants.

Rich O'Dare

Super loan signing. Saw him have a couple of excellent games for the England youth squads over the summer. Very highly regarded by Villa fans, who are fuming that he's been allowed to go.

Matt Loten

Villa fans going mad on Twitter so I take it he is decent!

Michael Clifton

Sort of confused as to why we signed David Wheeler if we are also signing this guy. Wheeler looks like a pretty pointless signing so far.

Martin Paine

Villa fan here you have a right good player on your hands here, enjoy!

Dale Shaw

Villa fan - Great player, I think we need him more than you do at the moment!

Daniel Smith

Great bit of business if KJ can pull this off! Class act!

Keith Attrill