Portsmouth fans suggest winger needs much-needed breather

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Ronan Curtis needs a Pompey breather.

That was the overriding opinion of Blues fans on our Facebook page Portsmouth FC – The News after Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Accrington.

Ronan Curtis, right centre, congratulates Oli Hawkins for his goal against Accrington Picture: Joe Pepler

Ronan Curtis, right centre, congratulates Oli Hawkins for his goal against Accrington Picture: Joe Pepler

Our Gaffer for a Day, Richard Brook, suggested the winger could do with a break from his own observations at the Crown Ground.

The Republic of Ireland under-21 international, who today is the subject of some transfer gossip, hit the bar twice but was unable to add to his six goals this season.

Curtis’ last strike came in the 1-0 victory over Coventry on October 2.

He has since gone four games without a goal, leaving some fans to believe a rest may be needed to recharge his batteries.

We asked our followers on Facebook whether they agreed with our gaffer’s suggestion and if the player needed some time out?

And the opinions provided were pretty  conclusive.

Here’s what fans had to say...

Cath Absolom

Maybe not a complete break, as he's done nothing wrong!

But maybe time to put him on the bench for a week or two & give someone else a chance to prove themselves instead.

Just as we've done this weekend with Christian (Burgess) & Jack (Whatmough).

Ronan has been a completely different player since being away on international duty a few weeks ago, as his goals have suddenly dried up!

He always tries to do everything on his own and often lets his personal emotions run away with him all the time, which will eventually get him into a lot of trouble if he's not very careful!.

So he needs to be very mindful of his personal attitude as well.

Unfortunately, we were unable to go (to Accrington), so I can't comment on that game at all.

But he was so argumentative towards all the officials in the Burton game last week, he could easily have been sent off for persistent fouling &/or dissent!.

Alan Cousins 

To be fair, he hit post and top of bar (at Accrington) so could have been match-winner.

Can rest him for cup and he'll be away following weekend on international duty I expect?

Chris Haggard

He's been busy. Away with Ireland as well.

We have the depth, and it's competitive for places in starting line up.

It wouldn't hurt to rest for a game or 2.

Sarah-jane Edwards 

I think that he just needs his top notch snipped, should be fine after that.

He has a lot to learn, talented lad, I'm confident that Kenny will reign him him and develop him into a top player one day.

Barrie Jenkins 

Wouldn’t do him any harm as there has been one or two games that he has looked a bit jaded and lest not forget it’s his first season.

Tony Wilson 

Yes, I think a rest would help.

No denying he is a talented player but he can be greedy.

Needs to work on his team play as teams are sussing him out now and he needs to use his team-mates more.

Perry Groves

Make him hungry again.

Alan Clarke

Yep rest him.