The debate rages as Portsmouth fans have their say on team selection for Oxford trip

Get Naylor and Seddon in, play 4-4-2, MacGillivray to start, Pitman has to be on the bench, call-up Hawkins – just some of the starting line-up suggestions Pompey fans on social media have provided ahead of tonight’s play-off second leg at Oxford.

Monday, 6th July 2020, 1:15 pm
Updated Monday, 6th July 2020, 1:16 pm

Yes, we dared to ask the question: What changes, if any, would you make to Kenny Jackett's starting XI for tonight's trip to the Kassam Stadium?

And as always, the fans have been quick to have their say – although the debate has been raging ever since the final whistle blew at Fratton Park on Friday night.

Some might even argue as soon as the manager handed his team-sheet in to referee Gavin Ward before the game!

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Regardless of when the starting pistol was fired, though, it’s fair to say the majority were surprised by Jackett’s team selection.

No Tom Taylor or Steve Seddon. A left-field call-up for Bryn Morris. Marcus Harness getting the nod over Ryan Williams. Lee Brown starts.

And let’s not forget, Ben Close wasn’t even on the bench.

As the game ended in a somewhat flat 1-1 draw, the debate picked up pace – and it still goes on with kick-off to the second leg fast approaching.

Many fans want Tom Naylor restored to Pompey's starting XI for the trip to Oxford

So who do fans want in the team? What changes would they make, if they were in Jackett’s shoes.

Well, opinions are varied, as the selection below shows.

Although, it’s fair to say both Naylor and Seddon have significant backing to regain their starting positions for this evening game.

Here’ what fans on social media have been saying...

Paul Smith: Starting with Seddon, Naylor and Williams is a must.

Aaron Grimble: Starting 11(4-4-2) – MacGillivray, Bolton, Burgess, Raggett, Seddon, Williams, Cannon, Naylor, Curtis, Marquis, Harrison.

Lee C Bialas: Seddon in left mid and push Curtis upfront with Harrison. Just go for it, attack attack attack!!

Vincent Richardson: Naylor and Seddon in, rest the same for starters, subs for impact later in game if needed.

David King: Bolton >> McCrorie. Naylor >> McGeehan. Hawkins >> Morris. 4-4-2. Pitman on bench at least.

Matt Short: Naylor for McGeehan is the obvious one.

David Barnes: Love Harness but feel Ryan Williams will start on the wing – his direct running should cause a problem for Oxford.

Also can see Naylor taking place in central midfield, but not sure who for.

Bolton, Seddon and Marquis I would not be shocked to start either.

Depends how attacking he wants to be

Dave Pine: So frustrating all the fans can see it’s going to be the same old KJ tactics.

One up front, Burgess long ball from the back hoof.

Let’s hope I’m proved wrong but I’m not confident.

Lorraine Wells: To start: MacGillivray, Seddon, Naylor and Bolton

Gary Cox: Bass, Seddon, Raggett, Burgess, Bolton, Naylor, McGeehan, Harness, Curtis, Cannon, Hawkins. Subs to come on. Close, Marquis, Williams at a minimum. Harrison if chasing game.

Sonny Flack: Would love 2 up top and really go for it.

I think if we beat Oxford we got the play-offs in the bag. Pup

Nick Robinson: MacGililvray, Seddon, Burgess, Raggett, Evans, Curtis, Naylor, McGeehan, Harness, Marquis, Hawkins.

Shaun Harris: Get Pitman on the pitch, he knows how to put the ball in the back of the net!

Andrew Lancaster: 2 strikers, 4-4-2, Seddon and Naylor back in.