Transfer deadline day: What to expect from Portsmouth amid talk of move for Rotherham midfielder Jamie Lindsay and whether any new signing will be able to play against Charlton tonight

Pompey writer Jordan Cross has been spelling out what we can expected from the Blues on the final day of the transfer window.

By Mark McMahon
Monday, 31st January 2022, 4:55 am

An 11pm deadline has been placed for all business to be concluded.

Here’s what we think you can anticipate from Pompey today?

Q The clock is ticking down to the January transfer window deadline and we know Pompey want two new additions in that time – what does actually Danny Cowley want and what are the chances of him succeeding?

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Two very different questions.

Danny came out on Friday and said on the record for the first time that he’s looking for a midfielder and an attacking addition to complete the reshaping of his squad.

He’s working with a group of 19 at the moment and he wants it to be 21.

There’s other people around the fringes, but that’s the kind of number he wants to get to in the short term.

Pompey are reported to have had a bid turned down by Rotherham for midfielder Jamie Lindsay. Picture: Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Of course, he’s obviously looking towards the long term and to the summer as well so that leads him to prefer to get permanent deals.

That would be Danny’s preference – and when I say permanents, I mean not short-term deals until the summer, which may come more prominent over the course of the day and even loans.

But Danny wants longer-term, contracted players for next season and beyond.

There’s just 10 (contracted beyond this season) at the moment.

In terms of the immediacy, Danny wants a midfielder and a attacker on permanent deals.

Obviously, the attacking areas come at a premium so it might be weighted towards what’s left in the budget.

Q So just picking up on what you said there, there’s no guarantee any further new signings this window will be permanent deals. Is that correct?

Danny has come out and very foricbly nailed his colours to the mast that he won’t be held to ransom.

That’s a reaction to enquiries and talks with clubs for a number of players.

A new name has come to the fore over the past 24 hours – Jamie Lindsay.

A bid has reportedly been made and rejected and that tallies with what Danny has been saying, with the asking price for some of these players beyond what he feels these players are worth.

If it comes to a point where he doesn’t think he’s going to get value for money, then he will look to the loan market, which is somewhat surprising given that Pompey already have five loans – and that’s the maximum allowed in a match-day squad.

Danny has said he’s done it before, going beyond five players, and if the longer-term planning doesn’t come off now then he’ll save his money for the summer, go for a loan or possibly a short-term deal just to keep the squad numbers up.

We’re one down in midfield than before the window opened and they need another body in there.

Danny is very firm in that he won’t be held to ransom.

Q The manager has always said he doesn’t want to go above five loanees in his squad – could one of the current five leave or will he simply just explore his options each match day?

It’s not ideal (having more than five) and Danny’s said that himself.

It’s just a reaction (to the market) and at some point he will have to think: ‘okay, maybe it’s best to play for the shorter-term, keep the money in my pocket and look to the summer for permanent deals’.

When it comes to that 11pm deadline, that may be part of the narrative.

He will go that way if necessary but I think he’ll be hopeful that he can get the permanents that he’s been prioritising – the Denver Hume-type figures where you’ll have to pay a fee and commit to two-and-a-half-year deals etc.

Q £200,000 has already been spent on Devner Hume, Is there money left in the kitty and how far will it stretch?

Andy Cullen has said there’s money available on a case-by-case basis.

If there’s value, then they’ll make money available.

As we’ve just stated, with the players Pompey are looking for, it’s inevitable that they won’t be coming on a free – the free agents you can get for nothing, there’s not many of those around.

I did see that Jon Nolan at Ipswich has just come up, a midfielder who has just been paid off.

But he’s coming back from a cruciate ligament injury – and that’s the type of player who would be available.

As I said, the players Pompey want will come at a premium, especially in attacking areas, the goalscorers, the ones who create chances.

And we are told, as we go into deadline day, money is available (if needed).

Q There’s a game against Charlton tonight. Will Pompey want their business done before that? Will any new player signed prior to the game be able to play? Will the deadline act as a distraction when three important points are up for grabs?

The one thing we do know is no potential new signing will playing against Charlton. They would have to have been signed by midday on Sunday.

So there won’t be any new additions.

Will the deadline be a distraction? I don’t think so.

Danny Cowley has waned from the line that he wants his business done before the Charlton game – something he has been saying all window.

In his last press conference, he admitted the reality is it will go into later today after a relative lull.

But Danny’s work is pretty much done now.

He has dictated to the board and Andy Cullen where he sees his targets and where he sees the value.

It’s now down to them whether they release the funds to complete that signing and then for Andy Cullen to work his magic to get these deals over the line.

So the ball, very much, is in Andy Cullen’s court.

Danny joked about having his phone to his ear during the game, but I don’t think that will be the case.

Idaally, he’d like it done before kick-off but it won’t really matter to him – it will be a case of ‘over to you, Mr Cullen!’

Q Jamie Lindsay has been linked with a move. What’s your thoughts on him?

He looks like a good fit.

The supporters at Rotherham seem to think a lot of him, which us usually a good sign as the names come up.

He probably fits the bill in terms of what Pompey are looking at the moment.

He’s played a reasonable amount of football, seems slightly on the fringes, but then Rotherham are the table-toppers and look strong to go up.

After some due diligence, our friend up at the Rotherham Advertiser, Paul Davis, said he was the narky type, which means he likes to get stuck in – and that would make him a good fit for the Pompey fans.

They like their Michael Doyle types and he would be well liked by the Pompey supporters if he fits that bill.

Q Do you expect any more departures?

Never say never.

I think it’s unlikely. There has been some good business in terms of outgoings, Danny has done his business early.

Seven out – that was the hardest bit of his business.

If a massive bid came it, you wouldn’t want to lose a key man like Marcus Harness.

But I think it’s unlikely.

Never write it off, but you would have to have a replacement lined up.

If I had a gun to my head, I’d say no.

But as we all know in the madness of deadline day, you just never know.

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