Update: Pompey boss Paul Cook shows his lighter side

Paul Cook. Picture: Joe Pepler
Paul Cook. Picture: Joe Pepler
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BIG-HEARTED Pompey boss Paul Cook gave a girl he’d just met money to buy herself something for being brave.

Tony Hewitt was treating his daughter Gabby, 13, to a new pair of trainers after she underwent an operation two days earlier.

Tony Hewitt (right) with his daughter Gabby PPP-161124-094106001

Tony Hewitt (right) with his daughter Gabby PPP-161124-094106001

Whilst in JD Sport, in Whitley, Tony spotted a man who was dressed in Pompey training gear before eventually realising it was the Pompey manager.

Toney said that despite Pompey being held to a frustrating 1-1 draw away at Cheltenham the day previously, Cook was in high spirits and happily had a chat.

After finding out why Tony and Gabby were out shopping, Cook wished her well and gave Tony some money for his daughter to get herself something extra.

Tony, from Portchester said: ‘Paul shook my hand and we had a chat about where he lived and I said our sons had been at a football camp together.

‘He then asked me what I was doing out so he explained.

‘Before he left, he wished Gabby well and then slipped me some money to get her something extra.

‘It was really nice to have a conversation with him as sometimes they do not like that kind of attention.

‘I’ve heard he’s a nice bloke previously - my brother has seen him before and had a chat to him.

‘Cook can get some negative comments because of football but people need to realise that the guy has a heart.’

On the meeting, Cook said: ‘Gabby recently had an operation and was out shopping with her dad when they came over for a chat.

‘I just wanted to do something for her, they are good people.’