Why did Portsmouth let Chaplin go?

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Pompey fans have been reacting to Conor Chaplin’s heartfelt interview with The News following his exit for Coventry last week. Here's a selection of those views.

Love him!

Pompey fans have been reacting to Conor Chaplin's interview in The News

Pompey fans have been reacting to Conor Chaplin's interview in The News

Hugh Kendrick

Why are we losing him again?!

David Renyard

Because new manager means new team or a slow kick out

Duane Hunt

In fairness to Jackett he did't say Chaplin refused to play, just that Chaplin did't feel he was in the right frame of mind, confirmed above by Chaplin. I think you will find some people just assumed that he refused to play.

Chris Pompey FC

The issue was spun by Jackett to make it seem that Conor had refused to play...now we have Conor's explanation it seemed a sensible move by the lad and was perfectly understandable.

The matter is closed now but at least we now know that Conor never refused to play for our club - something those of us who know the lad already realised he would never do.

Peter Walsh

I hope his career goes well now and does not regret leaving,so far jackett has put together a good squad and we have only dropped 2 points,PUP!

Barry Taylor

That's what happens when we literally sell all our Players on Social Media, & constantly allow everything to drag on for far too long!.

As the poor kid obviously didn't know what to do with himself in the end!. So he didn't have much choice!.

Cath Absolom

Point is missed. 'Refusing to play' can be implicit and it’s a manager’s judgement on motivation to play.

It’s easy to proclaim innocence but attitude is assessed by Jackett, and Cook before

Jim Beck

In other news Pompey are scoring goals from all over now - .goodbye and good luck Conor.

Shaw Swanton

Never thought it was true

Tina Knight

Nor did I!

Lorraine Wells