Williams remains tightlipped over Pompey exit

Mick Williams
Mick Williams
  • Williams steps down from Trust and Pompey boards
  • Cites a ‘matter of principle’ as his reasons
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Mick Williams doubts he will ever lift the lid on his shock departure from the Pompey Supporters’ Trust board.

But the Fareham businessman has pledged to continue giving his support to Ken Malley & Co.

I am still around and have told Ken (Malley) I will be here always for him if ever he wants to chat things over.

Mick Williams

Hours before Pompey’s fixture against Luton on Saturday, Williams’ departure was announced.

Having stepped down, he was also no longer eligible to serve on Pompey’s seven-man board.

In the statement, he revealed his actions were on a ‘matter of principle over a recent decision of the PST board’.

A new member of the Trust board will now step up to the club’s board to replace him. However, chairman Malley and vice-chairman Tom Dearie are both ineligible because of their positions.

Williams was at Fratton Park on Saturday cheering on the Blues from the directors’ box in their 2-0 victory.

And afterwards he revealed his disappointment to leave.

He told The News: ‘There are times when one has to do something because of one’s principles knowing there will be consequences that are not pleasant.

‘This is one of those times, I am very sad but I have done what I believe to be the right thing.

‘It is entirely a Trust issue, I doubt if I will ever talk about those reasons.

‘I am a staunch PST supporter, they can talk about it if they want, things may happen.

‘This is nothing about the club, although I am disappointed they didn’t want me to stay on for a little while, I would have liked the opportunity for a hand over.

‘I think I will be welcome in the boardroom but I do have four rather nice seats in the South Stand and on Saturday met some of the people I used to sit with and they want me to go back!

‘I am still around and have told Ken (Malley) I will be here always for him if ever he wants to chat things over.

‘This is what I have been doing since 2011, so in terms of the Trust and football clubs and all the shenanigans that go on, I am reasonably experienced.

‘I remember some characters talking about people who don’t know football suddenly running the club, I think I know a bit about football nowadays.

‘I have been going into the club twice a week – it used to be more – helping pay bills and it is either me, Iain McInnes or Mark Catlin who sign contracts.

‘Even the other week on holiday in Spain I was paying bills, with my wife Anne’s permission!

‘I have got lots of exciting things happening, the end of an era stuff and beginning of a new era stuff.’