Reaction: Pompey fans have their say on fined duo

Pompey fans have been out in force once again to voice their opinion on the dressing room bust-up that occurred between Christian Burgess and Michael Doyle on Saturday.

Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 1:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 5:02 pm
Pompey fans during Saturday's game with Stevenage Picture: Joe Pepler

Here’s some of the comments posted on after we broke the news that the duo had been fined for the incident...

It’s happened now and they’ve both been fined – now let’s put this behind us now and concentrate on getting out of this league.


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As expected, time to move on now and win away at Grimsby.

Such a shame we’re not in the cup still this Sat.

Spencer C

‘Left Burgess requiring stitches...’ I’m sorry, I find an assault on another player that left that player requiring stitches, unacceptable from any player let alone the club captain.

It’s no wonder that Burgess couldn’t continue in the second half.

Sorry, I think Doyle should be stripped of the captain’s arm band for that.


I’m sorry, but if Burgess was left needing stitches then Doyle should be released.

I really don’t care how important he is to the team.

He’s meant to be keeping morale up as a captain and instead he has torn a divide in the dressing room and more than likely killed the already visibly low morale.

These two will always have a chip in their shoulder and will only hurt our chances with further disagreements.


We still don’t really know what happened so we have to accept that the punishments fits the crimes.

There is an argument for Doyle to lose the captaincy but that may do more harm than good.

Sport is not like the normal workplace as emotions run much higher. Trust the management and move on.

Eric the Halibutt

All this does is take the focus away from the real problem which is our inconsistency.

The big picture is promotion this year.

We have enough evidence by now to determine whether our problem is the manager/coaching set up or the team.

Instead of wasting time on this bust-up, the board need to make a BIG, BIG call about our destiny this year.

That is the only issue that matters to me.

Archie Medes