'˜The ref was right not to send off Jamille Matt'

He might not get much agreement from Pompey fans, but a Plymouth football pundit insists Jamille Matt was rightly allowed to stay on the pitch after his clash with Pompey's Michael Doyle.

Writing for The Plymouth Herald, Chris Errington says referee Oliver Langford made the correct call in last night’s League Two play-off semi-final first leg match.

He said: ‘In my opinion, it was not a headbutt by Matt. There was no real force behind it and certainly not enough for Doyle to be curled up on the ground repeatedly rubbing the back of his neck.

‘Was it violent conduct and worthy of a red card for that offence? Strictly speaking, I do not think so.

‘It was stupid, and Matt could easily have been dismissed, but you cannot get sent-off for stupidity.’