Sky Sports has gone - and so has much of my interest in the Premier League

It may be because we ditched Sky Sports a couple of months ago, or it may be because this season will mark a decade since Pompey were last in it.

Friday, 11th October 2019, 2:09 pm
Premier League football on Sky - is it losing its appeal? Picture by Getty Images

But I have to admit the Premier League holds less and less interest for me, particularly this season.

I’ve previously been a regular viewer of Match of the Day on a Saturday night but have bothered to tune in no more than twice so far this season.

I’m afraid I just can’t get interested in ‘the old division one’ beyond having a look at the results and checking the table.

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I’m sure I’m not alone in finding the appeal of a league that only one or two teams are likely to win the title waning fast.

If Man City and Liverpool aren’t the top two at the end of the season, and for that matter next year and the one after that, I’ll be amazed.

And by the way, if Leicester finish in the top six, as some seem convinced they will, I’ll be equally stunned (not to say deeply disappointed).

There are an awful lot of games played in that league now where, to the neutral, the only interest is in seeing which one of the teams, if not both, is going to get dragged into relegation trouble.

Some may say to me ‘Ah but you’d be all over the Prem if Pompey were in it again.’ But I really don’t know if I would.

Of course, if we ever get to the Championship, I’ll want us to do well and at some point be involved in the promotion race. But I’m not desperate for a return to the top table, not by any means.

I enjoyed the first five or so years of Pompey’s stay in the Premier but the novelty did wear off, and is there much chance a return for us would result in the top-ten finishes we saw before?

For now I’m quite happy to be watching League One football plus a bit of non-league – and I wonder if I’m in a growing group?