Teenage Kicks: It's no derby but Pilgrims rivarly has new edge

Over the past two weeks there have been differing opinions as to the relationship between Plymouth Argyle and Pompey.

Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 1:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 8:52 pm
Kyle Bennett silences the home crowd at Plymouth with his goal. Picture: Joe Pepler

Talked about till blue in the face, it does seem much ado about nothing.

To me, Argyle versus Pompey seems to be an emerging rivalry rather than an old one.

It is certainly no derby but it is a fixture that now undoubtedly carries an edge.

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The play-off semi-final between the two sides has sparked a bitter, ongoing feud.

I really, desperately want to beat Plymouth from now on because I was there when they ended our hopes of promotion last season. It hurt.

I imagine this is a similar feeling shared by many Pompey fans, as we experienced that last gasp horror.

Argyle got one over us that day.

There seems to be no love lost between the two managers – Paul Cook and Derek Adams.

I’d suggest they want to get one over the other as much as the fans do.

It all seems to stem back to Pompey’s pursuit of then-Plymouth striker Reuben Reid – and Cook’s decision to speak about the matter in the press.

If I remember correctly, Cook was confirming the deal was dead, so the anger felt by Adam was baffling.

Unless Cook wanted to bring attention to the situation in order to enhance the chances of a deal, which is plausible.

However, what Adams said after last Saturday’s 2-2 draw at Home Park offers a better insight.

He said Cook puts pressure on his team by constantly shouting from the touchline and went on to say it is a method adopted by many managers in England.

So it seems Adams takes a dislike to the way Cook operates.

Remembering back to the play-off first leg, the coaching staffs clashed, too.

With both recent history and managers who don’t see eye to eye, there is always a potential for rivalry.

The main reason there is friction, though, must be the simple fact we are promotion rivals. Two big fish in a small pond.

It has taken a few years but both are now seemingly punching their weight at the top of League Two.

It is impressive to see what Plymouth have achieved so far, considering they lost the spine of their side in the summer.

In the wake of Saturday’s game, I still believe Pompey are the best side in the division but Argyle are certainly set up to get results.

Rivalries can develop between two similar clubs vying for the same outcome.

Didn’t Pompey have a bit of a rivalry with Leicester for a few years after the play-offs in the 90s and the 02-03 campaign?

That is the relationship between Argyle and Pompey – a contemporary rivalry – and let’s admit, it’s produced some closely-fought, highly-entertaining encounters.

Ben Sturt is 17 years old and has been a season-ticket holder in the Fratton End for more than a decade.

He writes a weekly column in the Sports Mail where he discusses the key talking points at Pompey – from the perspective of a younger supporter.