Aces at the double for Waterlooville duo

  • Golfing friends both celebrate hole-in-one just half an hour apart
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TWO former Waterlooville Golf Club captains have shared an astonishing feat after they both hit a hole-in-one in the same round of golf.

Malcolm Reed and Steve Millett were playing together in the monthly winter aggregate competition and were both celebrating an ace within just five holes of each other – to the amazement of playing partners Brian Purdy and Colin Ashman.

Stephen Millett and Malcolm Reed Picture: Sarah Standing

Stephen Millett and Malcolm Reed Picture: Sarah Standing

Reed, 70, is a retired policeman and is on a remarkable hot streak with his golf.

Incredibly, it is his third hole-in-one in just 14 months, with the 13-handicapper’s latest an eight iron at Waterlooville’s 131-yard third hole.

After the customary celebrations, less than half an hour later, 60-year-old Millett then matched his club colleague with a six iron at the 145-yard seventh hole – to stunned silence.

Reed said: ‘I hit mine well and it went pretty straight, then it caught the back edge of the bunker and rolled gently up to the hole and dropped in.

There was just stunned silence. None of us knew what to say to each other

Steve Millett

‘Every hole-in-one has a degree of luck in it and I’ve seen a few lucky ones down the years.

‘But it was unbelievable. I was already amazed as I’ve been playing for 42 years and never had one, but now it’s the third one I’ve had in 14 months.

‘Then four holes later, Steve got one!’

Millett, who plays off a handicap of 14, had one previous hole-in-one in his career – at the third hole at Waterlooville – before his latest effort.

The retired national account manager of Stobart Automotive said: ‘I hit it to the middle of the green with a bit of a fade on it.

‘It pitched once and rolled about four or five feet straight in the hole. We all saw it go in.

‘Then there was just stunned silence. None of us knew what to say to each other.

‘We’ve seen it happen occasionally over the years but not two in the space of about 25 minutes.

‘It’s amazing when you think about it.’

According to a study by Golf Digest, the odds for a hole-in-one for an average amateur golfer is believed to 12,500/1, while that falls to about 3,000/1 for a professional golfer.

But it’s a staggering 17,000,000/1 for two players in a fourball to ace the same hole.

And it’s estimated that odds of two members of the same fourball hitting a hole-in-one in the same round are around 1,300,000/1.

Incredibly, there was almost a third in the round as Purdy went close at one of Waterlooville’s other two par threes.

Reed, who was club captain in 2001, added: ‘We set them (Purdy and Ashman) a challenge for them to follow us on the other two par threes, but they couldn’t quite manage to do it.

‘Although Brian came pretty close with one shot. It was in the air and we thought “it’s going to happen again” but it ended up about five feet away.’

And Millett, the 1998 club captain, confirmed that the traditions had been followed at the 19th hole to share the celebrations.

He said: ‘We bought a bottle of brandy and a bottle of Scotch and we got through them both with the help of the other members in the clubhouse!’