Jackie’s a one-shot wonder, too

Jackie Urry celebrates her hole-in-one
Jackie Urry celebrates her hole-in-one
Scott Gregory. Picture: Habibur Rahman

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Jackie Urry has proved that mums know best – even when it comes to golf.

The Gosport & Stokes Bay member was the proud mother when her golf-playing son Ben hit a memorable hole-in-one back in November of last year.

As most golfers know, the hole-in-one remains the pinnacle of the amateur game and good golfers can play for years without ever experiencing the unique achievement.

But the Urry family tradition of golfing excellence has now been extended after Mrs Urry aced the ninth hole with her own shot-in-a-million at Petersfield Golf Club in the recent Ladies’ Open.

Playing alongside Julie Beames, Caroline Pinder and Jenny Wiseman, Urry stood on the ninth tee of the 186-yard par three and took out her driver.

But as her shot curved towards the green, Urry was left to guess on its final whereabouts as the green sloped out of view from the tee.

She explained: ‘You couldn’t see the green from the tee box, just the top of the flag, as the green slopes down and to the right slightly.

‘I hit a good shot and all I saw was the ball turn right down towards the flag.

‘Once everyone else had teed off, we walked up the fairway and I could see a couple of balls short of the green so I thought I must be in the bunkers.

‘We checked the bunkers and it wasn’t there, so my next thought was that I was through the green and in the bushes.

‘Jenny went off to look at the other side and I jokingly said “have a look in the hole on your way back”.

‘She shouted “It’s here”, we all ran over and I was jumping up and down. I will never forget it. It was amazing.’

Urry, who has been playing for three-and-a-half years, notched up a healthy five-point bonanza with her handicap in the stableford competition, which helped the team to a third-place finish.

And after telling her husband the good news, she was quick to throw down the gauntlet to her other half.

She told him: ‘It’s just you to go now love, then we all have had one in the family!’