New management bids to get Hutsby back on course

Sam Hutsby
Sam Hutsby
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Sam Hutsby has gone back to his roots as he attempts to recapture his best in 2013.

The 24-year-old has signed a four-year contract with TB Golf Management – which is run by two of his former England coaches – after an unhappy spell with his previous managers, Wasserman Media Group.

While the former Lee-on-the-Solent man has never gone public over the breakdown in the relationship, he was keen to find new management.

And now having teamed up with former England under-16 boss Tommy Flinn and Brian Roake, who managed him during his England under-18 days, Hutsby will be allowed to make more of his own decisions as he prepares for a potentially fruitful season on the Challenge Tour.

Roake explained: ‘We’ve every faith in Sam. We both know his talent.

‘He didn’t feel good about things for the last year or so but I think Sam is very happy at the moment and he’s looking forward to the new season.

‘We bumped into him at the Spanish Open. He told us he might be looking for a new management company and it went from there.

‘We’re not young and we’re not these high-flying management boys. We do it because we believe in it and we love our golf.

‘A lot of management companies get a bit heavy on their clients and we’ve got a bit more of a relaxed attitude.

‘If he needs us, we are right here. If not, we let him get on with it.

‘So we do all of the mundane management jobs like looking after his travel, his finances and those things.

‘But we don’t tell him who his coach should be or his caddy. It’s up to the player to make his decision.

‘We feel we are working for the player whereas a lot of management companies feel that the player is working for them.

‘But if he comes to us to ask our advice, we’re always there for him.’