Claudia Garner and Ellie Mae Peach shine for Portsmouth Gymnastics Centre

Claudia Garner
Claudia Garner
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Claudia Garner has become Portsmouth Gymnastics Centre’s first national champion.

The amazing 10-year-old talent shone in Stoke as she lifted the national club grade four title.

Ellie Mae Peach

Ellie Mae Peach

She was supported by her Portsmouth club coach Tina Field at the event, where many of the top gymnasts in the country were gathered.

Garner qualified in first position for the competition.

Her goal was to produce the same standard of routines she had been delivering in the gym on a regular basis.

That was going to be a challenge under pressure.

It was great getting my medal - it’s really heavy and I love it.

Claudia Garner

But Garner did even better as she made everything count to be crowned British National Grade Champion.

She said: ‘I can’t believe it, I was in the first round and had to wait a further two rounds before presentation.

‘We could see online the scores coming in and I was still in first place.

‘It was great getting my medal – it’s really heavy and I love it.’

Claudia Garner

Claudia Garner

Head women’s artistic coach Field was delighted with Garner’s performance.

She believes it highlights the excellent work being done at Portsmouth Gymnastics Centre (PGC).

Field said: ‘It’s an amazing result for PGC.

‘Claudia deserves this win as her routines were indeed faultless.

Ellie Mae Peach

Ellie Mae Peach

‘Her beam was without a wobble and she showed control throughout.

‘She held everything just that second longer then expected to make her stand out.’

Field feels that Garner can take so much confidence and strength from her performance.

She believes the future is bright for the Portsmouth talent.

‘We are now hoping that Claudia relishes in this success and it helps her push forward in her voluntary skills back in the gym,’ added Field.

Garner’s success has already galvanised everyone in the gym at Alex Way.

Her amazing result has shown what can be achieved with hard work and dedication to gymnastics.

Following in Claudia’s footsteps is 10-year-old Ellie Mae Peach.

She is PGC’s next up-and-coming elite gymnast.

Peach competed at the British finals in the level two elite grade event at Pipers Vale, Ipswich.

The grade is so difficult that only 26 gymnasts from the whole of the Great Britain squad made the final.

Peach finished in a very respectable 15th position.

Her best result was a fourth-place finish on vault.

She also performed strongly on beam, securing eighth position.

Peach said: ‘I was pleased I passed the grade.

‘That’s what I set out to do but I did make mistakes on some pieces but am pleased overall.

‘I’m looking forward to doing my harder skills in the gym now and more competitions.’

After passing the grade, Peach could now be in the mind of Great Britain squad selectors, and coach Field hopes she gets the call-up in future.

‘Ellie is a real talent. To pass this grade is an achievement,’ said Field.

‘Ellie is now working on new voluntary skills to hopefully showcase in September with hopes of being invited to a GB squad.’