PSG all-star eyes her next target

Hema Gaur-Sharma.  Picture: Allan Hutchings (150265-249)
Hema Gaur-Sharma. Picture: Allan Hutchings (150265-249)
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All-Star Hema Gaur-Sharma is aiming to ensure the success keeps on coming.

The Portsmouth School of Gymnastics (PSG) talent was named runner-up in the best one-off performance category at The News Sports Awards last week.

That came after the 19-year-old was selected for the first-ever all-star team at the European TeamGym finals in 2014.

Now she’s landed more recognition, picking up her latest prize at the Kings Theatre ceremony.

It will spur her on with her mission to seal a place in the 2015 national squad.

Gaur-Sharma said: ‘I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t realise I was nominated for an award. It’s great.

‘It is a good start to the year. A big boost up.

‘Next I will be trialling for the national team.

‘They will pick the 12 best gymnasts in England and then put them into a team.

‘I’m trying out for that. We’ve got a competition in March in Bracknell.

‘They will look at us as individuals. If they like us then they take us further.’

Being selected for the all-star team was a huge achievement for the PSG high-flier.

She added: ‘They picked the top-six gymnasts and I was the fourth best in Europe.

‘I was so happy, I couldn’t stop smiling. I loved it.

‘For someone who is not in the Scandinavian teams (to be selected) it was brilliant.

‘It was wonderful standing next to all the tall Scandinavian girls.’