Harley’s on a hot streak after topping 200 mark

Harley Guy Sinclair
Harley Guy Sinclair
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A tenpin bowling wonder kid from Bognor bowled five strikes in a row to end a game with a whopping score of 201.

Harley Guy Sinclair, who is just seven, achieved the feat in his weekly league meeting at MFA Bowl in Chichester.

It capped an incredible week for the youngster, who excelled at the South of England Junior Open in Dunstable seven days earlier.

There he took first place in the singles scratch competition, second place all events scratch, and third in the doubles handicapped for his age group.

Harley’s mum Natasha said: ‘I was so proud.

‘He’s been obsessed with bowling since he was four. For someone so young, a score of 201 is a massive achievement.

‘In the very last frame he needed to get a spare to get a 200 score.

‘I don’t know of another seven-year-old that’s bowled more than 200.

‘I’ve been researching on the net and I can’t find any.

‘I laid an egg – it was amazing.

‘Harley’s proud of himself and a little bit shocked.

‘He’s not arrogant but he’s confident in the fact he knows he’s a good bowler.’

Harley, who began bowling at the AMF bowling alley in Bedhampton, impressed in 2015 and picked up numerous trophies, medals and prizes.

His performances have made such an impression that bowlers on the pro scene have been taking notice of his progress.

‘At the end of the Weber Cup last year, after Dom Barrett – who is an England bowler – had won, he called Harley on stage and gave him his own bowling ball,’ added Natasha.

‘To be given something like that from one of your role models at the age of seven is huge.

‘Everybody knows Harley now, he’s become quite popular.

‘There’s not many young kids on the circuit so he’s quite easily recognisable.’

It has not been all plain sailing, however, for the talented youngster, who has been forced to relocate bowling alleys twice already in his young career because of centre closures.

‘It’s a massive shame that they close those centres for retail facilities,’ said Natasha.

‘It was a hard period of adjustment for Harley but he was adamant that he wanted to keep bowling.

‘He would be well received by any club that he chooses to go to.

‘I’m prepared to travel anywhere to keep him involved with the sport.

‘Hopefully he’ll continue to go from strength to strength.

‘A 201 is hard to beat so I think it could be a long time before he beats that.

‘But I know Harley and you never say never.’