Fired-up Solent win against rival Devils

Goegre Norcliffe. Picture: Dave Chapman
Goegre Norcliffe. Picture: Dave Chapman
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It was a mixed weekend for Solent Devils who won in Cardiff but then lost 5-1 to a classy Chelmsford outfit.

On Saturday, the Gosport outfit made the trip to Wales.

The last time the two sets of Devils met, the 3-3 score didn’t convey the excitement of the game.

But it obviously left the two teams wanting to get back together and settle the score.

As ever, when these teams get together there is always friction in the air and the fans are rarely disappointed. This game was no different.

Each team received just 18 minutes of penalties, which is pretty light for when these two sides meet.

Although Cardiff Devils would have received an additional two minutes just five minutes in.

But while the ref’s hand was in the air for a delayed penalty (Cardiff captain, Christopher Hart – holding), Mason Wild scored his first league goal of the season.

Five minutes later, Richard Facey put the visitors 2-0 up with his unassisted goal.

Despite Cardiff out-shooting Solent 13 to 11, Christian Cole in the Solent net took it to the break unbeaten.

Cardiff fought on as they managed 18 shots on goal to Solent’s 10 but the net minders were both superb and didn’t let anything through.

In the third period, both teams were giving it their all, when almost half way through the period head coach Alex Murray and, Alex Cole were given assists on Facey’s second goal of the game.

Cardiff, on a power play in the 59th minute, managed to send the puck into the net, the goal coming from Giacomo Raffaelli.

Then, just 31 seconds later, with six seconds left to play, Thomas Stuart-Dant and Jack Randall received assists for Zak Shanahan’s goal.

Returning to the Gosport Arena after beating Cardiff 3-2, put the team on a high.

But on Sunday the unbeaten Chelmsford Chieftains started well, and Lukas Zatopek hit an early, unassisted goal.

Just past the half way point, Darren Brown got an assist for Matthew Turner’s goal, the only goal of the second period and putting Chieftains 2-0 up.

The Devils came out hard into the third.

And Ralfs Circenis delivered the puck to Devils leading goalscorer, George Norcliffe, who got his 10th of the season.

Unfortunately for the Devils, this didn’t seem to affect the Chieftains, who in just under eight minutes of play scored three more goals.

Juraj Huska got two assists, Ross Brears fired a goal and an assist, Brown got a second assist of the game, John Connolly got an assist, and Grant Bartlett hit the last goal of the game with just under five to go on the clock.

Devils host Invicta Dynamos at Gosport Ice Arena on Sunday (7pm).